Not Every Moment Has to be a Pinterest Moment


Sometimes I wish Pinterest had been around when I got married. My wedding would have been way more fabulous (and on an acceptable budget, of course.) had there been a plethora of creative blogs at my fingertips with one click of an app.

And sometimes I wish Pinterest would have been around when my eldest child was born. I didn’t have any clue regarding fun baby things like gender reveals and Instagram monthly growth pictures.

However, when our second and third children showed up in ultrasounds, Pinterest was at the height of its popularity. So – of course – we had the themed baby showers, the gender reveals, even the monthly chalkboard-inspired Instagram growth photos ready to go.

But when it came time to tell our eldest child our big baby news (twice), I didn’t whip out our phones to ask Siri for the latest and greatest trend in how to reveal to siblings about the upcoming baby. I didn’t google, search Pinterest, or even consult with friends on fun and exciting ways to tell Big Sister.

It was just us.

No props, no special shirts, no balloons. Just us and her snuggled on the couch having a real discussion. There wasn’t even a camera phone to capture her face as it registered confusion, then understanding and finally excitement. Only an ultrasound picture to provide proof and a glimpse of her soon-to-be baby sister was in attendance with us.

Because for us, at that point, it wasn’t about capturing visual memories on camera or even entertaining or gifting her with special “big sister” stuff in order to make her feel special. And it definitely wasn’t about posting on social media to show the internet how creative we can be with our excitement.

Because not every moment has to be a Pinterest moment. 

Not everything has to or needs to be an event.

Some moments can just be


Maybe in a few years, when my kids are older and my memory fades, I’ll wish I captured her reaction on social media or held a big event to help with the memorable-ness of it all. But for now – I like it how it was.

A private and simple discussion accompanied with big hugs that are locked up in our special memories.

Because some moments are just for us. And not Pinterest.