46 Things My Kids Have Learned during Covid-19 Quarantine


Everyone’s Quarantine Life is a little different. Mine consists of 4 kids: an 11 yr old boy, twin 8 year old boys, and a 6 year old girl. I understand that my kids are supposed to be engaging in virtual learning sessions and crafts to enhance their home-based learning. They’re doing that, minus the crafts, but they have also picked up a few new skills too. Some of the skills are beneficial, while some are quite questionable. Here 46 things my kids have learned during Covid-19 Quarantine: (Psst…and none of it is school related.)

  1. How to tell if mommy has a virtual meeting. (She has a fancy shirt on with her pajama bottoms.)
  2. How to do your own laundry.
  3. What happens when you let another kid ride your bike.
  4. Never wake a sleeping mom.
  5. How to wash dishes by hand.
  6. How to build a raised garden bed.
  7. How to read an eviction notice. (The twins were evicted from their bedrooms and had to sleep in the playroom/garage.)
  8. How to pour a beer.
  9. What the going rate for the Tooth Fairy is.
  10. How the Tooth Fairy must practice social distancing. (Seriously, we had 2 kids lose a total of 5 teeth. We BROKE!)
  11. How to start a fire.
  12. How to measure and administer your own allergy meds.
  13. How to know when your underwear is too tight.
  14. That homeschool is a real thing.
  15. How to ride a bike without training wheels.
  16. How to fix Dad, an essential worker, a cocktail after a long day.
  17. The importance of speaking kind words to people and plants.
  18. How to close doors quietly and sneak around the house at 2am.
  19. Why composting is important. (Thanks Compost Fairy!)
  20. The meaning of “Don’t start no stuff, won’t be no stuff.”
  21. What the word “mate” means.
  22. How to clean with the intention of it being less dirty.
  23. Every word from Descendants movies 1, 2 and 3!
  24. How to use a debit card online.
  25. The best way to ask rich Uncle for money.
  26. Why not to disturb mommy when she locks herself in the car.
  27. How to play marbles.
  28. That bath bombs don’t replace soap. (You still must use soap!)
  29. Superglue and ducktape can fix a multitude of things.
  30. That dying is not the same as hungry.
  31. How to email mommy (There’re only so many hypothetical theory scenarios a person can take. Just email me and I’ll get back to you….eventually.)
  32. How to throw trash out of the window when cleaning your room. (#dadcleaning)
  33. That people need to stop eating sea animals, but cows can die.
  34. When the cat doesn’t want to be picked up.
  35. Why it’s important to have space from your sibling.
  36. A dog can eat an entire loaf of bread.
  37. Appropriate reasons to call you brother a weirdo. (There aren’t any.)
  38. How to get your shoes from on top of the shed.
  39. Not everyone is a “Fold Person.” My daughter doesn’t believe in folding clothes.
  40. How to BeyBlade.
  41. How long you can wear pajamas before they start to smell.
  42. Why Dads need facials too.
  43. How to drift on a bike.
  44. Ingredients you CANNOT make slime out of.
  45. How to climb a tree.
  46. Not all poop is good poop.

This is just a snippet of what they have learned during this Covid-19 Quarantine. Now that school is “out” I can only plead that they learn things that won’t cause them mental of physical harm.

One thing I have realized during this Covid-19 Quarantine is how much I love my kids. Not just a surface kind of love, but an unconditional, laugh when I think about them kind of love. I have fallen in love with my kids all over again. Each day they teach me something new and give me a new outlook on life. Here’s a short list of things I have learned from them:

  1. Lotion after bath time is optional.
  2. Breakfast is a meal that never really ends.
  3. They don’t need me to correct their mistakes.
  4. I’m a darn good cook.
  5. They prefer to be homeschooled.
  6. Aum Sum is a really educational YouTube Channel.
  7. Eating 17 snacks equals 1 meal.
  8. Doing something dumb makes you realize how smart you usually are.
  9. Money is meant to be spent.
  10. Being home with family is the best thing ever!

Keep learning! Like my 11 year old says, “As long as you learn something, you can never be less smart.”

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Patricia is a Memphis native and LOVES Memphis to her core. She is the mom of 4 kids, Aiden (June 2008), Elliott and Elijah (January 2012), and Eve (November (2013). *Please ignore the lack of an age gap between the twins and Eve…things happen. Patricia is the wife of a tall, dark, and handsome man, Anthony. She graduate from the University of Memphis in 2007 and 2010, with a Bachelors degree in Exercise and Sports Science and a Masters Degree in Arts in Teaching. She earned her Library Endorsement from the University of Knoxville (hooray for online education.) Patricia is a school librarian and a blog writer, realworkwife.com. She loves to read, write, read, cook, read, run, read, travel, read, and hang out with Memphis. Yes, you read that right, she likes to hang out with the entire city. Life has dealt Patricia a series of highs, lows, and “why-me” moments, but you will never catch her without a smile in eyes, ignited from her soul within.