RANT :: Where the Heck Did the RSVP Go?!


Répondez s’il vous plaît {RSVP}

Respond if you please.

Respond: verb, say something in reply.


Where the heck did the RSVP go? 

Is it just me, or does this bug every mom out there? It’s really really really really really really annoying that a. not only does NO ONE let you know if they are coming, and b. I’m not even Southern!

It’s like no one acknowledges the party even exists.


This is just rude. And really really annoying.

And I get it — I do. There are lots and lots of birthday invitations when you have a kid. And if you have multiple kids, that’s multiple invitations. Multiple parties. Lots of taxi-ing to places and, if you buy presents, lots of money spent.

But here’s the thing. You don’t need to go to every birthday party your kid is invited to (gasp!). You can say NO. But please, for the love, tell the mom of the birthday kid that you can’t attend. Be honest, or lie, make up a lame excuse, but just RESPOND.

Hey, if you love birthday parties or feel the need to attend every invitation, that’s great too! But again, just RESPOND. 

Memphis MMB birthday week RSVP

Here’s some examples on how to RSVP:

  • Text the mom : “Hey there! Received your cute invite in (kid’s name) backpack today! We are looking forward to seeing you next Saturday!”
  • Email the mom: “Hello So-and-So I’ve never actually met but our kids go to school together, so I realize we were invited to this event. Unfortunately, that’s the night my kids get their weekly bath, and oh no,we can’t make it! Hope little Johnny has a great day!”
  • Evite? Then follow through after opening it up and click “yes or no.” Easy peasy. 
  • Facebook event? Then the options are really, really simple. Facebook even spells it out: Going, Not going, or if you truly are on the fence, there’s the evasive “interested” option.

And ranting some more. This lack of RSVPing isn’t just with kid(s) birthday invites. This is across all party invitations: housewarming, book clubs, informal social gatherings, adult birthday parties, bar mitzvas, baptisms, and, can you believe, some people don’t even RSVP for weddings? Weddings! Where the bride’s family is most likely dishing out at least $50/person. 

S’il vous plaît, just RESPOND.