Who’s Ready to Let Elsa Go?


Dear Disney, can we please let Elsa go? Like far away to her mountain or Ahtohallan or whatever forever? We’ve really had more than enough. We’d like something new please.

The parents of the world are overloaded with Frozen. Forget the kids; what about us? We can sing every dang word to every song from ALL of the movies because they are the soundtrack to our freaking lives. Frozen is perpetually on our TVs, in our cars, and coming out of singing toys and books.

Alexa is in on it too! It’s so constant that we don’t even notice anymore, until we are somewhere that’s Frozen free. And it’s like when the mist lifts at the end of Frozen II and the reindeer run free…. NO MAKE IT STOP!

Don’t get me wrong, I really do like the movies. I cried when Elsa sang “Show Yourself” in Frozen II. It was an amazing moment (and I’m a huge Idina fan). The music is great, the visuals are stunning, the characters are loveable, lessons are learned, but now I kinda know how my mom felt in 1989 when “The Little Mermaid” came out. Sorry mom; like seriously.

And the stuff! There’s Frozen stuff all over our homes! Open a cabinet in my kitchen and you’ll find half a dozen water bottles and cups, fruit snacks, cereal, soup, we even have an Olaf waffle maker. Don’t worry though, you can just buy “Elsa waffles” in the freezer section of the grocery store. My 4 year old can take you right to them. Elsa and friends are on the walls, the sheets, the towels, the soap, and the shampoo. Clearly we have a Frozen alarm clock. There are more Frozen toys, books, and articles of clothing than I care to admit, including dress up costumes and accessories of course.

Picture of a pile of Frozen merchandise

And there’s always MORE. The Disney machine just keeps those licensed products flowing and the money flies out of our wallets. Someone seriously give me an example of something they haven’t put Frozen characters on besides alcohol. I’ll wait. While I do, let’s just say thanks to whomever decided to put Frozen character stickers on fruits and veggies. More of this please.

While we are talking about merchandise, here are a few quotes from my fellow contributors about the most annoying Frozen thing their child has. Pretty much sums up how we all feel. Share yours in the comments!

  • “Most annoying is an Elsa dress that lights up and sings upon ANY movement. It *accidentally* got put in the washing machine in hopes it would die..it didn’t, it just sings fuzzier. Now it’s *lost.*”
  • “The most annoying thing to me is the way the toys are packaged. There are like seven different Elsa and Annas with different clothes. Why can’t I just buy the clothes? My kid doesn’t NEED seven Elsas. And good luck finding a Sven that goes with the 12″ dolls. Nope, you get teeny tiny Svens or plush Svens or Svens the size of your actual child but the only way you’re getting doll-sized Sven is if you pay seventy bucks for the Elsa/Anna/Olaf/Kristoff set so now you have EIGHT Elsas.”
  • Yeah, what about Kristoff and Sven? Could you at least put them on some things for the kids who don’t like Olaf or the princesses? I had to make a Kristoff costume for my son for Halloween because one does not exist! He’s obsessed with Kristoff and Sven and asks why they aren’t on anything. This is hard for me because on the one hand it keeps us from accumulating even more Frozen crap, but on the other it’s really not fair because these guys have fans too!

Homemade Kristoff Costume

For those of us with kids close in age, the Frozen fatigue is REAL. Just when you think the older one is starting to move on, BOOM! The younger one “want Elsa!” And it just continues on. As I write this, my son is literally listening to one of the soundtracks as he sleeps. While he’s only a year in, his sister has been obsessed for 3. God help me, because neither one shows any signs of moving on. Oh and in the time it has taken me to get this to a final draft, Disney+ has added another Frozen related movie. Let’s just not tell the kids, shall we?

Although I could go on about this for days, let me sum up: Disney, you have been making a killing off of Frozen for EIGHT YEARS now. There needs to be an end in sight. Or at least slow it down enough so we can make a killing on Ebay when our kids finally move on. Otherwise there may be a lot of Frozen stuff that ends up like this….

Picture of a bonfire

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