Amelia Mansfield

Amelia Mansfield is a native Ohioan transplanted into Memphis in 2018. She cohabitates with her doctor wife, daughter (born December 2018), cat, and dog in Midtown. Amelia works from home as a full time city planning consultant while caring for her daughter. She’s an enthusiastic bicyclist, mediocre runner, gardener-in-training, and lover of coffee, bourbon, and cats. Amelia is an introvert in an extrovert’s clothing and is always happy to make a new friend.
person stressed about Christmas

How to Not Cancel Christmas

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with the preparations, emotional baggage, and social obligations of Christmas that you’ve wanted to cancel it? (Chances are your answer is "yes". Even esteemed medical associations acknowledge this!) I...

How to Handle Holiday Birthdays

When we found out that our baby was due on December 25th, we thought it was exciting and sweet, not to mention easy to remember. Several years later, it’s less magical and more troubling....
thank you sign

Thank You from a Mom

Before I became a mom, I was highly organized and efficient. I was never late to a party. The house was always clean, the dishes always dried. The pantry was stocked, stocking stuffers were...

The Only Things You Need to Know About Only Children

Only children seem to be an anomaly worthy of gawking, whispers, and rumors. Their parents and guardians are also the subject of whispers – and sometimes directly blatant inquiries – from friends, family, and...

Public Schools are for All People

Whether you are a local school district family, private school family, boarding school family, homeschool family, or no school family, public schools play an important role in your community and benefits you! Public schools...
working mother with child on lap

Making Working from Home Work for You

Working from home: some of us do it out of choice, others out of necessity. Some with set schedules, others with more flexibility. Some solo, and others with spouses, roommates, and/or children present. Whatever...

Always Wear a Sensible Skirt, and Other Takeaways from My Catholic Upbringing

You caught me: guilty as charged. Catholic guilt that is. I’m two years into parenthood, and the mom guilt is real: I haven't introduced religion to my daughter, but what is the role of...
oxford toy closet cover

Review :: Oxford Toy Closet

How many of you are overwhelmed by the sheer number of THINGS your children have, the money you’ve spent (or wish you could spend) on toys, and determining just which toys the kids will...
Friday Faves

Friday Favorites by Amelia

I used to dread being asked questions about my favorites. It was tough to choose a favorite color or animal when I liked so many. It was nearly impossible to choose a favorite movie...

Recommended Reading :: Pride Month

June is Pride Month. We’ve put together a list of great books that pay homage to the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you’re looking to give your child a broader world view or are wanting your...