Amelia Mansfield

Amelia Mansfield is a native Ohioan transplanted into Memphis in 2018. She cohabitates with her doctor wife, daughter (born December 2018), cat, and dog in Midtown. Amelia works from home as a full time city planning consultant while caring for her daughter. She’s an enthusiastic bicyclist, mediocre runner, gardener-in-training, and lover of coffee, bourbon, and cats. Amelia is an introvert in an extrovert’s clothing and is always happy to make a new friend.

Donor Sibling Registry as a Gift?

It’s that time of year when my list of gifts to buy is long. Our family celebrates Christmas, and my daughter’s birthday is at the end of December, so that’s a doubly whammy. I...
lonely or pensive-looking woman on a bench

Thinking About the Girls Who Went Away: An Adoption Story

I finally had some spare time to read for fun the summer that I finished graduate school. I walked through the doors of the public library and literally into a display of the librarian’s...
family room mess

Minimizing the Mess: One Mom’s Approach

Long before TLC’s “Hoarders”, “Eat Pray Love”, and the Konmari Method, I found myself minimizing the mess in my life. At first, it was out of necessity. I moved 6 times in 18 months....

City Planning Day in Home School

Fall is that time of year when we all look forward to flannel shirts, pumpkin everything, and City Planning Day in School! Okay, maybe it’s just me who looks forward to flannel shirts. I am...
woman tending to baby in stroller

Making the Case for Advanced Maternal Age

My parents were 33 and 40 years old when I – their first and only child – came along. They were of advanced parental age. I was always the kid with the older parents....