Angela has Memphis running through her veins. Born and raised here, she loves traveling but Memphis is always home. There is no other city like it. Angela is the mom of three amazingly unique girls: Jordan (June 2003), Carmen (January 2009), and Norah (June 2014). Jordan has Autism and is a talented artist; Carmen is the entertainer that loves dancing and competitive cheering (yes, she is a cheer mom!), and Norah has Down Syndrome and is full of sass. Besides being a full-time mom and a full-time employee, she is also a full-time advocate for her girls with special needs. She enjoys spending time with her family creating memories, vacationing whenever the opportunity arises, and dancing in the kitchen while cooking. Her mottos for life are: with God all things are possible, every day is a new day to be grateful, and live to love and love to smile.
tv watching

When TV Scripted Drama Hits a Nerve

Some television shows take you away from your reality. They bring a level of entertainment, drama, comedy to your life for a short amount of time. And sometimes it's exactly what you need in...
homeschool classroom

Homeschool was not my Choice but my only Option…The Follow Up

A year ago I was forced into an unknown situation. My daughter was completing her sophomore year of high school, and we got word her charter school was shutting down permanently. I didn't know...
quarantine masks

The High Expectations of Quarantine

We've been home for a while now. I've lost count of the days; they're all running into each other. This is not normal and we feel it. School's been out since the middle of March....
crazy socks for World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day is Today :: March 21st

March 21st is World Down Syndrome day. Excited yet? Do you know what this day means? Have you heard of World Down Syndrome day? Do you know what to do? Down Syndrome entered my world...

Paper versus Electronic Planner :: Pick a Side

Planning excites me. Being organized brings me peace. I love a schedule with a schedule. The more details the better. I love to pre-plan. I enjoy having a plan A, B and more likely...

When the Monsters Grow from Within :: My Life with Fibroids

I've been feeling bad for months. At first, it started out very subtle:  a little fatigue, slight stomach pains occasionally. I chalked it up to aging, bad diet, and lack of exercise. It never...
creating holiday traditions with your family

When Holiday Traditions Don’t Fit your Life Anymore, it’s Time for a Change

The holidays are here, and this is the time you celebrate time honored traditions with your extended family. Everyone congregates at a designated location, and you're surrounded by grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, and cousins....
tik tok

Tik Tok

If you have children, tweens, or teens with access to social media and apps for their electronics I'm sure you've heard of Tik Tok. Tik Tok is an app that allows the user to...
mom hugging her tween

Can I Give my Girls Back? The Struggle of Raising a Tween

You know the saying about terrible twos? Well, there should also be something said about terrible tweens. Tweens are not yet teenagers, but it's this awkward phase where everything inside of them is changing...
October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October is Down Syndrome (DS) Awareness Month

I live with Down syndrome (DS) every day. Five years ago, my daughter was born with DS. Initially I didn't know what to do. I wasn't familiar with the disorder and didn't know anyone...