What’s Next :: My Daughter with Autism is Graduating from High School

I thought once my daughter was finished with high school, my life would somehow magically change. I have friends with graduating seniors, and while they’re navigating the job world, receiving acceptance letters to colleges,...
boy with autism

My Child Has Autism. Now What?

When your child is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, it can feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster. Whether you suspect your child has ASD, you’ve just gotten a diagnosis, or you are...
choosing freedom for herself

Choosing Me

Have you ever just been tired? Tired of the doing the same thing? Tired of what people thought? Tired of feeling unheard? Tired of trying? I woke up like that in December of 2020. I...

Divorce {At Any Age} Sucks

I grew up in the 90’s/2000’s, and by the time I was in high school, most of my friend’s parents were getting a divorce. I remember feeling proud that my parents were still married. That...
therapist with client

My Therapist was my Lifesaver after Divorce

One of the most extended relationships in my post-divorce life has been with my therapist. We've been together nearly a decade. I have moved with him when he moved offices. I have sent my...
woman in period panties

Period Panties FTW

Hey Social Media ads, what is this expensive period underwear you keep shoving in my face? Do they work? Are they comfortable? How and when should I use them? Let me tell you all about...
married sex not porn

Real Married Sex :: Don’t Watch Porn, Watch Netflix

I don't know about you, but occasionally watching porn with my husband is a fun, novel turn on. Why watching two random people having sex {badly} get us all hot and bothered, I'm not...
postpartum sex

7 Tips, Tricks, and Toys for Enjoying Postpartum Sex

As moms, especially new moms, we've all felt the pressure from ourselves or even our partners to jump right back into postpartum sex once we're cleared by our doctor. And, understandingly, we may be...
sex week

5 Tips to Better Sex

It's sex week. So let's talk sex. Sex can be a bit daunting when you have kids. You might have to plan sex. You might have to be sneaky while they are sleeping. You may...
medical doctor

Making Babies not Love :: Infertility and the Loss of Joy in Sex

Is this the time I will get pregnant? Did I position my body right during and after sex to make sure the sperm was going the right way? Should I turn on my right...