Adoption Chronicles :: Part 4

Do you believe in miracles? I do. Every time I look at our beautiful baby's face, I am reminded that miracles happen. I'll be honest here. There were many times that I wasn't sure if this...
single mom is the mom and the dad

Happy Father’s Day, Mom!

Here it is. I know you saw it coming. Another ranty post from a bitter, single mom. Insert eye-roll. So I am just going to say it. Happy Father's Day to me. Happy Father's Day...
breastfeeding with the boobs

I Want My Boobs Back

I’ve always been kinda, sorta “crunchy”. I grew up going to a summer camp where they swore by the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down” mantra, and I...

All The Mamas You Love and Loathe

Here are 12 mamas we're all very familiar with. You all know them and you all love to love or loathe them. Feel free to tag those who have an appreciation for these mamas...
quickly thrown together birthday

It’s My {Birthday} Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To

It’s that time of year again! My birthday is coming up and right on cue, one week out, I’ve about driven myself into a tizzy. Every year I swear I won’t do it, but...
waiting in line

Why I Will Never Go To Ikea Again

Picture this: It’s a beautiful sunny day in March. You just bought your first home and are pregnant with your first baby. You’re ecstatic to get the ball moving on buying all the cutest...
adoption family

“You’re Adopted” :: Breaking the News to the Kids

Last year during National Adoption Month, I shared that we had not told our two youngest children that they are adopted and how it was not intentional; it had just never been a topic...

Adoption Chronicles :: Part 3

We are nine months into the adoption process. You'd think we would have a baby already, right? Well.... no. It doesn't quite work that way. At least, not for us. In fact, it feels like we're stuck...
bipolar mental illness

Living with Mental Illness

Throughout most of my life, I can recall many instances of extreme ambition, creativity, and motivation. During these spells of elation, I am Wonder Woman. I can work a fifteen hour day, take time...

When Did We Turn into “Mean Moms”?

Recently I attended a back to school event for my daughter at her new school. I sat down next to some moms I recognized from meet the teacher night. I smiled at them, made...