bonding can be lonely

Bonding takes Time: What I’ve Learned from Adopting an “Older” Child

Bonding with doesn’t happen overnight. Although I wish it could. Bonding is long process, but oh so worth it in the end. Because it can happen; it just takes time. FROM FOSTER TO FOREVER I adopted...

Getting Your Dating Groove Back Post-Divorce

As a divorced parent, it is never an easy decision to begin dating post divorce. There are so many questions. Who asks whom? Who pays? When do I introduce him to my children? Well, I...
boy geriatric breastfeeding

Desperately Seeking Advice – Geriatric Breastfeeding

Recently I woke up to realize my baby is now almost 3yrs old. This should not have come as a surprise to me. He’s extremely articulate (read chatty), physically advanced (read climbs to the...
prenancy loss

The Days Before

83 - Spotting? I must have lost track of time in this twilight pandemic life and pull up my period tracker. No, not due for another five da...wait. Scroll back. Sex nine days ago....
thought about suicide

True Story :: I’ve Contemplated Suicide

True Story: I've contemplated suicide. Thankfully for me, there was victory in the end. I was in a terrible place in my life, my marriage was over before it started. There was nothing I could do...
little boy with autism

My Child has Autism, but I Probably Won’t Tell You about It

My young son has autism, but I might not tell you about it. Not because I’m ashamed or it’s a dark secret, but because I think he has a right to decide if and...

Adoption Chronicles :: Part 4

Do you believe in miracles? I do. Every time I look at our beautiful baby's face, I am reminded that miracles happen. I'll be honest here. There were many times that I wasn't sure if this...
single mom is the mom and the dad

Happy Father’s Day, Mom!

Here it is. I know you saw it coming. Another ranty post from a bitter, single mom. Insert eye-roll. So I am just going to say it. Happy Father's Day to me. Happy Father's Day...
breastfeeding with the boobs

I Want My Boobs Back

I’ve always been kinda, sorta “crunchy”. I grew up going to a summer camp where they swore by the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down” mantra, and I...

All The Mamas You Love and Loathe

Here are 12 mamas we're all very familiar with. You all know them and you all love to love or loathe them. Feel free to tag those who have an appreciation for these mamas...