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Adoption Chronicles :: Part 2

I can't believe we're actually trying to do this - We've started the process of adoption. Yes, a HUMAN.  Which, for the record, is a really long process.  It's been a whirlwhind since my last blog, so I'll back up...
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Love Letters from Mom :: Lovey Love

Dear Lovey, It was 4 yrs ago, nearly to the day, and we were well into a never ending, psychosis inducing road trip that you, dear lovey, came into our lives. With nothing left to...
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Private School is for Suckers

Growing up, my husband and I were both “public school kids.” My adolescent scholastic surroundings were a surplus of public schools (10) within a 20 mile radius, all containing some degree of Blue Ribbon,...
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The Adoption Chronicles :: Part 1

Are we really doing this?! My husband and I stared at each other with the same deer-in-headlights look that we exchanged driving home from the hospital after our first baby was born. The one where...

Parenting :: There’s an App for That

Smart phone apps are nothing new, and we all have a stack of mainstream go-tos when it comes to the little icons on our home screen. Parents (and their kids) tap into the typical...
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Baby Botox: Taking the Edge OffThis Hot Mess

There might have been years in your 20's where you thrilled when people assumed you were older than your age. Maybe you would naively attribute it to being worldly and well-spoken enough to be...
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The Mart King

Driving my 3yr old to school the other morning, milliseconds back from winter vacation, she yelled, “Mom, when is my next school break?” Girl, you are 3! What type of break could you possibly need?...
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Uncomfortable, Necessary Conversations :: How to Talk to your Kids about Suicide

Yesterday, it happened. We got a call that we neither expected, nor were prepared for.  One of my son's friends survived a suicide attempt. For the record, my son is a young pre-teen.  This opened up a...
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What Teachers Want for Christmas

I recently read a post on Facebook from Cafe Mom that listed 22 things not to buy teachers as gifts. I knew this list wasn’t written by an actual teacher, because they listed coffee...
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We Haven’t Told Our Kids They’re Adopted Yet

Ever since I was a young girl, I knew I wanted a big family. A miscarriage after my third child, however, made it clear that my big family would have to wait. As our kids...