Caitlyn Maas

Caitlyn Maas is an Orthodox Christian, life-long 901’er, mom to William (born in 2012), Wife to Brandon (her college best guy friend who added husband to his best friend title in 2010), and author of Geraldine + Virginia (where she writes about her two grandmothers and how she curates a modern life inspired by their daily craft). Caitlyn is a work-at-home mom providing in-home childcare and also assists expectant and breastfeeding mothers as a breastfeeding educator. She’s a devotee of black coffee, addicted to stripes, unpaid professional binge watcher, and possesses a unique ability to start but NEVER finish a crochet project. She’s an ESFJ who lives to entertain and doesn’t know how else to show love other than with a casserole and some chocolate chip cookies.

Inventing Weird and Unique Ways to Eat a Cupcake

Let me start by saying that my 4 year old is a good eater. (Necessary disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A SANCTIMOMMY BRAG FEST. Promise!) We know exactly how fortunate we are, believe me.  Obviously...

Orange and Almond Granola Recipe

Oh, I can see your face right now. She’s that mom, the mom who makes her own granola. (You can imagine an “eye roll” emoji right here.) Don’t worry--I still use a plastic water bottle, drugstore...

I Don’t Know How You Do It

In mom circles (and other circles, obviously) one-upping and undercutting can rule interactions. No, I’m not talking about who has the coolest car and who’s wearing the chic-est yoga pants brand-of-the-moment. I’m talking about...

Meet Contributor Caitlyn Maas

Hey, y’all, I’m Caitlyn Maas. I’m an Orthodox Christian, life-long 901’er, mom to William, Wife to Brandon, and author of Geraldine + Virginia. I’m a devotee of black coffee, addicted to stripes, unpaid professional...