Cara is a freelance journalist and strategic communications consultant living in Germantown. Born in Illinois, she moved to Memphis at a young age; and, having moved away a few times for college, graduate school, and other adventures, she likes to joke that she’s moved TO Memphis more times than anyone she knows. Mom to the cutest little boys, Everett (March 2017) and Gavin (October 2018), and wife to Rob, who works as a financial planner, Cara is adjusting to her new gig as a stay-at-home mom after almost 20 years as a magazine editor and corporate communications practitioner. When not “momming” or consulting, Cara spends her time volunteering with the Junior League of Memphis, where she served on the Board of Directors for several years. Admittedly, Cara has an unreal obsession with escape rooms, an unhealthy addiction to Frappuccinos, and an uncontrollable desire to correct every grammar and punctuation mistake she sees. Learn more about Cara at
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The Hand Turkey: A Rite of Passage

We all have had those moments—and I think they are different from person to person—where we finally “feel” like a mom. For some people, it’s the first time they bring their beautiful baby home....
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I’m on an Antidepressant … And You Should Be Too

My dad died the same day my second son was born. Dramatic, isn’t it? I don’t mean to joke, but sometimes, you gotta laugh at the “Murphy’s Law”-ness of life. Did I mention that I opted...
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Motherhood Has Granted Me Grace That I Now Pass On To You

Motherhood has changed me. I challenge you to show me a mother who wouldn’t readily agree with that statement. Some days, it feels like all of my cells have been rearranged…it’s like my molecular makeup...
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Keto Must-Haves For Fall

In Memphis, it stays hot waaaaaayyyy too long into the fall. We Memphians often play tricks on ourselves until we are convinced it’s autumn, even though it’s 90-plus degrees outside. And because we are...
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An Open Letter To NICU Nurses

Dear NICU Nurses: I’m sure many of you are parents yourselves. I have no doubt that you remember the excitement, anxiety, or even fear you felt the first time you (or your partner) gave birth....
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Discipline Sucks: Confessions of a Pacifist

First thing’s first. I’m not completely a pacifist. I actually think violence can be justified in some circumstances, like self-defense or in defense of others. But when it comes to children, I am completely...
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I Miss You, John Hughes

Some friends visited us recently from out of town, and I was excited for them to come to our new house (well, new to us).  “I love your neighborhood!” my friend said as she got...
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I Will Raise My Kids on Music

What do you even call the sound that a bomb makes when it is dropping? You know … that piercing, unmistakable, Doppler-Effected whistle? Whatever it is called, I will love it until the day...
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Don’t Get Too Comfortable :: Dumb Things People Say About Relationships

Before I get started on this rant, here is a tiny disclaimer. I am by no means a relationship therapist or expert, so you can take this all with a grain of salt. However,...
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It’s Time To Date Your Old Self

I recently went on a date with my old self. And I highly recommend it for all you mommas (and dads) out there. My date was in the form of a night out with...