Chelsea Howard

Chelsea grew up in Memphis and the surrounding areas, but moved around a bit. She is Memphis grown with a splash of Texan – that is to say, a Southern girl at heart. Chelsea is married to Josh, who she met in Texas and dragged to Cordova. Together, they have two baby boys, Jensen (May 2016) and Liam (June 2018). Chelsea is a Work At Home Mom (WAHM), managing a full time mortgage closing job while wrangling a wild child and a breastfed baby. Her hobbies include perpetually cleaning up behind a toddler, zoning out on a good TV show, and pretending to be interested in working out. She also enjoys writing (go figure), singing, and trying new things (like rock climbing at Memphis Rox, eating exotic foods, or writing a novel in 30 days).
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When Your Spouse Becomes Your Roommate

I miss my husband. When I was pregnant the first time, he came to every OB appointment, and after each one we had lunch together. It was sacred and special. Before that, we spent most...
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Why Being a Work at Home Mom Sucks

Telecommuting is on the rise, and us working, pajama wearing mamas are jumping for joy. Working from home seems like the best of both worlds: you get to work and rake in the cash,...
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Back to Paper :: MMB’s Guide to 2019 Planners

The new year is here and that means, for most of us anyway, that we are trying to get ourselves back on track from the holidays. Everything (from our poor holiday diet to our...
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Why I’m Setting a New Year’s Resolution for the First Time

If you've always been on Team "New Year's Resolutions Suck," or if this is your first year banning the three word phrase from your vocabulary, welcome to the club! I have been one of...