Christie Johnson

Christie is a native Memphian who loves all things parenting! Her love of being a mom absolutely stems from being the 14th child of 16 children and having been raised and grounded in love and family values. Christie enjoys reading romance novels, writing when she feels that her voice can’t be heard, watching movies, and spending quality time with Jan, her best friend and husband of 14 years. She enjoys regaling others about their love at first sight meeting on Beale Street and dating 9 years before saying “I do!” Christie and Jan, a Navy Veteran, have three sons all of whom attend University Schools: Jason (January 2011), Nicholas (March 2009), Thomas (March 2008) and a bonus daughter Taylor (March 2003) who lives in Alabama. Christie stays busy! She is a 23 year veteran educator who is passionate about the students that she teaches at the University of Memphis Campus School. She also owns and operates “2EDUCATE!” contracting out her services to train teachers in early childhood and school age organizations to love what they do!
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Was It As Good for You As It Was for Me? A Return to...

Was it as good for you as it was for me? Yep, go ahead and admit it! It was, wasn't it? In the moment that it was confirmed that my child would be able...
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What’s for Dinner? A Mind Boggling Question Facing Mothers Everyday

Mom, what's for dinner? I do everything else! I can't figure out what we are eating, too! Over the years, as our marriage and household have evolved, meals have become my husband's responsibility. He has...