Emily was born in Louisiana and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She met her husband in college and moved to Memphis in 2002 right after they got married. They first lived downtown and then in East Memphis, before settling further east in Germantown in 2011. They had their son, Gray, in October 2007 and their daughter, Hayes, only 20 months later in July 2009. Emily's kids are only one grade apart and are often mistaken for twins. Emily loves red wine, peanut butter, all things homemade and DIY, hot baths, and laughing so hard you cry.

A Mom’s Summer Reading List

Summer is the perfect season for escaping with a good book. Whether you are at the beach with the fam, sitting in the camp carpool pickup line, or just enjoying the quiet in your...

Cinco de Mayo like a Mom

It’s a day more celebrated in America than in its own country of origin and for good reason…TACOS.    Cinco de Mayo, which occurs on the 5th day of May, commemorates Mexico’s unlikely victory over France...

How to Rock the Mom Uniform

  People who don’t know me must think I work-out every day. And while I’d like to say it is because of my rock-hard abs or toned triceps, that is unfortunately not the case.  However, ...

Proud to be on the PTA

We’ve all seen the movie Bad Moms, right? The one about the moms who are doing the best they can to get by only to be utterly shamed by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA)...

Consignment Sales :: A How-To Guide

I have a son and a daughter. One of each…perfection, they say. Right? Yes! And no. For instance, I don’t get the benefit of buying a beautiful, pricey, brand-name article of clothing without the...

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things (About Thanksgiving)

When I was a child, my favorite holiday was Christmas--the gifts, the sweets, and the twinkly lights were as seductive as a nap for a mom with a newborn.  During high school and college,...

Girls’ Night Out :: GNO Like a Pro

GNO, also known as “Girls' Night Out.” Until a couple of years ago, I had no clue that this was a “thing” and something I needed desperately too.  Sure, I saw my friends at...

How to Survive Football Season When You’re Not a Fan

I don’t like football. There, I said it.  I’m a southern girl, married to a southern boy, and I have absolutely no interest in watching football. Not college, not pro, not even pee-wee.  I just don’t...

What to Do Labor Day Weekend 2016 | Memphis Moms Blog

I can remember swimming in my grandparents’ pool till dusk while the adults sat in aluminum lawn chairs drinking homemade daiquiris while they waited on the crawfish or shrimp or crabs (or all three)...

Truly, Madly, Deeply :: When Young Marriage Lasts

We were babies... twenty-two years old, with master's degrees but no jobs (thanks to the market after 9/11), and not a single set of “couple friends” when we got married fourteen years ago.  Our...