Erin is a native cheese-head (GO PACK GO!), who, in the academic pursuit of a tenure-track position, chased her husband from Wisconsin, to Indiana, to Ohio. The journey they lovingly call the “Tour de Midwest” ended in June of 2018, when they landed in the 901 for Patrick’s position with Rhodes College. While the Midwest holds a special place in their hearts, they are happy to be planting roots in the South with their daughter, Nola (May 2016) and insane rescue dog, Toby. A social worker that loves research, Erin works at St. Jude in clinical research. You can usually spot her with a coffee (heavy on the creamer), ‘second-day hair’ that is tossed in a bun, attempting to bake, or talking about how she would like to bake but doesn’t have time, all while using humor to take on the day. Erin’s excited to use her Midwestern “doncha’ know” in conjunction with the southern “ya’ll.” Doncha’ know, ya’ll? It’s gonna catch on.
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Words for my Growing Girl

My husband takes our daughter to preschool. Before I leave the house every morning, I kneel down to look into her bright blue eyes and say, “Be nice, be strong, be brave, and have fun.” Recently,...
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I’m A Suburban Mom Trying to Be Cool

Now that I have had a moment to really sit with it, I’d like to take you back to a time in my life when I realized I was no longer what I used...
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A Crack at Capsule Wardrobing for Kids

Well it happened, folks. Those baby shower outfit gifts . . . outgrown, awesome hand me downs from friends . . . dwindling.  We are now in the toddler years, where clothing needs to be...