Erin grew up just outside of Nashville, but has been in the Memphis area for 11 years now. She’s a former middle school language arts teacher turned C.O.O. of the Lewis home (according to her husband). She’s Mama to Liv (2013), who loves to sing and play soccer and Will (2017) who loves dinosaurs, and wife to Chris, her college sweetheart. Between volunteering herself to be the room mom (face palm), driving Liv to zillions of therapies, and keeping Will from destroying everything, life is busy. Erin loves the beach, a good IPA, Target vacas by herself, and anything Harry Potter related (she ships Dramione!). She hates high heels, rude people that stare at cute kids in wheelchairs, and bad tippers.
Oga’s Cantina

Disney Without Kids: Top Reasons It’s Even More Magical

My husband and I recently took our third trip to Disney without kids. Yes, you read that correctly -- sans kids -- to Disney World. And, yes, it was incredible! Let me let you...
Friday Faves

Friday Favorites by Erin

I admit, I love reading the Friday faves every week! I mean, C’mon; it’s fun discovering new things each week. And sometimes buying some of them (sorry hubs)! My favorite things change frequently but here...
not a terrible mom

“You’re Not a Terrible Mom”: My New Pandemic Mantra

"You're not a terrible Mom" is the mantra I have whispered to myself at least 15 times a day since March 7, the day the world ended (I mean, that's the last time I...
introvert mom coffee

Surviving Social Isolation :: Tips from an Introvert Mom

I never imagined a day when being an introvert would be so popular. Hah! Okay, maybe not popular, but the times of social distancing and quarantining yourselves are here. So, now everyone is wondering...
accepting who I am now

Reflecting and Accepting

We're well into the new year now, but as I reflect on 2019 and continue to plan for 2020, I realize something: it may have taken 35 years, but it's finally happened...I'm accepting of...
teaching childen about loss

Helping Kids with Grief and Loss: A Parent’s Guide

A few months ago my husband's Grandmother, my kid's GiGi, passed away at the age of 91. While we were saddened by her passing, I think what hurt me the most was knowing my...

Dry January: Going Booze Free After the Holidays

It's that time again. Ahh. January. The time of year when you realize you've gained 10 lbs from all the drinks, cookies, and bread you ate over the holidays (I know it's not just...

Five Ways Harry Potter Has Made Me a Better Mom

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am slightly obsessed with the Harry Potter series. Obsessed? Well, I started rereading the series annually when I was on bedrest after fetal surgery with my daughter,...

An Open Letter to the Parents of My Daughter’s Kindergarten Class

Dear Class of 2032 Parents,  You may not know me yet, but you will soon. My daughter Livy will be in your child's kindergarten class in the fall. Livy is the sweetest and friendliest 5...

Third Kid Limbo: Are We Ready for Another Baby?

As our son inches towards his second birthday this summer, my husband and I have begun having the "talk." Yep, the talk about having another baby. We're currently in third kid limbo. Or I...