Erin grew up just outside of Nashville, but has been in the Memphis area for 11 years now. She’s a former middle school language arts teacher turned C.O.O. of the Lewis home (according to her hubs). She’s Mama to Livy (2013), who loves to sing, play soccer and Will (2017) who loves dinosaurs and is a bit destructive, and wife to Chris (her college sweetheart) who is a pharmacist. Between volunteering herself to be the room mom (face palm), driving Livy to zillions of therapies, and keeping Will from destroying everything, life is busy. Erin loves the beach, a good IPA, Target vacas by herself, and anything Harry Potter related (she ships Dramione!). She hates high heels, rude people that stare at cute kids in wheelchairs, and bad tippers.
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Kindness Matters…It Really Does!

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of every day life, we forget important things, like kindness. I had a  couple of good reminders this week about kindness and its reach. On Tuesday, Livy (my 5...
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Happy (Inclusive) Halloween

Halloween is my 5 year old’s favorite holiday! She can’t get enough of  “The Great Pumpkin” and requests to visit the pumpkin patch daily. While she loves Halloween, I have a love/hate relationship with...
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You “Donut” Want to Miss this Party :: Donut Hutt

My daughter, Livy, recently turned 5 years old and we knew it was time. Time for her first "friend party." When locating “just the right spot” we had a few more factors to look...

How to Help a New Special Needs Mama

I’ve been a special needs mama for five years now. As time goes on, I often think back to my first year of being a Mama. I think of all the things I wish...

Confession: I Don’t Have a (local) Mom Tribe

I’m going to admit a secret here and now: I don’t have a local "mom tribe". I know in this day and age, everyone has a tribe. Articles and books have been written about...

Get Away From It All (Including the Kids)

At least twice a year since we became parents, my husband and I have gone on long weekend getaways (thanks to our amazing Moms for watching the kids!). We look forward to these getaways...

How to Have the Talk…about Disabilities

Parenting a child with a disability changes the way you view life. It can lead you to places you never thought you’d go. For me, it’s lead me to become an advocate for my...

Grey’s Anatomy Got it Wrong…

May 14 is a special day in our home- it's the anniversary of our daughter's spina bifida fetal surgery, which we lovingly call her "Miracle Day." I was excited to share a little about...