Gina Nuccio

Gina Nuccio
Gina spent most of her formative years in Collierville, left for college and graduate school, returned to Memphis in 2012, and has been here ever since. She is a genetic counselor at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where she assists families in better understanding genetic contributions to childhood cancer. She and her husband live in Midtown Memphis and have a daughter (April 2018) and a son (January 2020). In her spare time, Gina enjoys listening to too many podcasts, reading, trying new skin care products, and finding her next Netflix binge.
child screaming into a microphone

Teaching Consent to Toddlers

I feel really, really strongly about teaching my children about consent. The catch? It has nothing to do with sex. My kids are not middle- or high-schoolers; they're toddlers. So, what is consent anyway? Oftentimes...