Jeanie is a perfectly imperfect mama, transplanted to Cordova fresh out of graduate school. She and her husband, Matt, had no intent on making Memphis “home” – but ten years later, they’re still here (and love it!). They have three saucy gingers, along with three “fur babies”. Between homeschooling and chairing graduate Psychology departments online, life is never boring in the Whinghter house. It’s no surprise that Jeanie fancies coffee, but she also loves bargain shopping and embarrassing her children with her questionable singing/dancing skills. She’s had more #PinterestFails that she can count and has perfected the art of giving a good pep talk (watch out, puberty!). Motherhood has slowly transformed her into the “uncool” Mom she thought she’d never be, yet she’s never felt cooler or more content with her life.

Walk the Walk with Sidewalk Chalk

Our family has a reputation in our neighborhood. And it's a good one, thank you very much (don't worry, Mom). For the past few months, we've been using the quarantine time to spread cheer to our...

A Couch Full of Memories

Oh my stars, I can't believe I just cried about a COUCH. Yes, you read that right. I just shed tears about a piece of furniture.  "It's just a thing," my husband said. "And you keep...

Confessions of a Tooth Fairy Failure

Confession time: I am a Tooth Fairy Failure (TFF). At this point, I've forgotten about leaving Tooth Fairy treats more times than I've remembered, AND two of my three kids know that the Tooth Fairy...
Memphis Moms Blog Dream Big Cafe

Dream Big Cafe

I love a chance to do something for a great cause, and I got my chance a few weeks ago when I saw that Cordova-based Dream Big Cafe opened. Not only did I get to...
Memphis Moms Blog cosleeping

The Truth about Cosleeping

**The American Academy of Pediatris does not recommend co-sleeping, and, because we're a mom's blog, you probably shouldn't make decisions like these based on something we tell you worked for us. If you're curious...

So You Want to Work from Home…

When I was in my twenties, I had it all figured out (who doesn't, right?). I was newly married, had just finished my PhD at a top school, and jumped into a job in...
Memphis Moms Blog love don't cost a thing

Love Don’t Cost a Thing

I'm a pretty low maintenance spouse. Ask my husband. I don't ask for a lot, because we've never had a ton of extra money to do elaborate presents. We were poor thrifty when we were...
Memphis Moms Blog budget for Christmas presents

The Gift of Giving… And a Budget

You want to know what I love about the holidays?  FINDING. THE. PERFECT. **budget friendly** GIFT. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are my best friends, y'all. So are coupons.  You know who else likes...
Day Tripping Oxford, MS

Day Trippin’:: Cedar Hill Farm

I love a place that isn't just a One Hit Wonder, don't you? That's why I keep bringing my family back to Cedar Hill Farm! About an hour from Memphis in *Mom Time, this place...

I gave my daughter a budget for her birthday

Humblebrag: This year, I rocked my daughter's birthday. I got her the best present ever, and I'm fairly certain that I deserve a prize for this stroke of genius gift giving. What did I get her,...