Jenny is a stay-at-home mom and writer living in East Memphis with her husband Jason, who has spent his entire life mastering the art of the “dad joke.” Her daughter Calliope was born in 2014, much to the annoyance of her two dogs (they’ve warmed up now that Calliope is older and sharing her food with them). She enjoys coming of age novels, board games and magic tricks. She tries to live by Edith Wharton’s advice to "be happy in small ways" which is why she gets a genuine thrill whenever she successfully folds a fitted sheet.

Lessons From My Toddler: The Great Bunny Forgery

Like many young children, my daughter has a “lovey,” that number one toy that must be with her at all times. It’s a pink blanket with the head and arms of a white rabbit,...

How I Met Your Father :: I Don’t Follow Safety Protocol

Dear Calliope, Your dad and I crossed paths many times before we finally fell in love. And it all started with a giant bag of ice. Wait, back up. It actually started with me being a...

Two Beds Are Better Than One

May was Better Sleep Month (so we're a few days late... oops!) and is there anyone who couldn’t use a better night’s sleep? There are all sorts of tips and tricks for getting better...

When I Can’t Have Babies, I Foster Dogs

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to foster dogs. I’m a big time dog lover and am very aware of the homeless pet problem in Memphis. I badgered my husband...

Say Hello to Jenny!

Hello! I’m Jenny. I’m a native Memphian and except for a short stint in the sticks of Mississippi I’ve lived in Memphis my entire life. Despite this, I have no idea where anything is...