Kanesha Morrison is a wife to Chris of 11 years and mother of 7 with one in heaven. Becoming a mother at 18 having and having three children by the age 21, she was determined to not be a statistic. She’s a woman of passion and can become border-line obsessive when she focuses in on her goals to empower women to know they are worthy of all the dreams and goals they have! In her free time she loves reading, cooking, and exploring the great town of Memphis. Kanesha resides in Olive Branch, MS.
my fahter is in prison

Father’s Day when your Dad is in Prison

Father’s Day for some is running to the store to get dad his favorites. But for me, it’s waiting by the phone for a call. See my father has been in prison for 18 years,...

BBQ, Strawberry Soda, and Celebrating Juneteenth

We enjoy our BBQ and eat watermelon. We drink our strawberry soda. We reflect over our ancestors and what all they went through. We celebrate how far we have come. We wish and hope, just like our...