A native Memphian who did a 5-year stint in Knoxville for undergrad+grad school, Kathryn loves Memphis. Being a Memphian by birth and by choice, she takes any opportunity she can to share her favorite spots with anyone who will listen. Kathryn is married to her high school sweetheart, a fellow VOLS grad who now works at a local hospital, and mom to Ruthie, born January 2015, Kate, born August 2018, and their encore baby Eliza, born July 2020. After being team #midtownismemphis for (almost) her whole life, Kathryn traded in bungalows and original hardwood for closet space and access to Target. She's adjusting to being an East Memphis mom, but luckily still makes it to all her favorite Midtown spots. Being a mom is the hardest but best thing she's ever done.
wordle example

Wordle : What your Strategy Says About You

By now, you’ve likely seen the trademark squares, proclaiming some sort of coded language, on your friends’ Facebook. Maybe you’ve given in and are now among the many who tune in for their daily...
saint nicholas

Put Your Shoes Out :: Saint Nicholas Visits

Christmas is a time of joy and cheer, and perhaps for many of us, some stress as well. The sounds, smells, the shopping, the cooking ... it certainly is one of my favorite times....
local christmas persent shopping

A Very Memphis Gift Guide: Shop Local

As moms, it seems that all the holiday shopping falls on our plates. The kids, the spouse or partner, extended family, teachers, the list goes on... And while I am a fan of the...
baby with mother on maternity leave

Enough is Enough :: Paid Maternity Leave

I went back to work when my first child was 7 weeks old. And I was aware of how fortunate I was. See, though I worked at a school, I was in an administration...
turning to google for medical advice

Paging Dr. Google: Don’t Trust the Internet for Medical Advice

Parenting in this technical, connected age has all sorts of benefits, but certainly also challenges. As mothers, when our children develop mystery symptoms or something seems off about them, we are one click away from...

Friday Five: Date Night Dining Edition

In the muck of this parenting life, it can be easy to forget to nurture your relationship with your spouse or significant other. Setting aside purposeful time for a date, forking over cash for...

Sunscreen Roundup: Top tips and picks

Summer is here in full force! Over in our community groups, a common question among the moms is about sunscreen recommendations. As mamas, we are almost always the one to research, buy, and apply...
pregnancy during the time of COVID

Pregnancy in a Pandemic

When I first tested had a positive pregnancy test last fall, I could have never envisioned my pregnancy would unfold the way it did. I was nervous (how could I handle three?). I was...
family dinner

How To Cook Without Really Trying

When you are responsible for feeding little (and not so little) people day in and day out, the process can get overwhelming and daunting. You may find yourself in a rut. And in this...
Our 10 Favorite Memphis Date Ideas Memphis Tennessee TN

Date Night, Memphis Style

Being a mom can be an all encompassing, time consuming responsibility that leaves little room for much else. But, if the internet has taught us anything, as moms we know that it is important...