A native Memphian who did a 5-year stint in Knoxville for undergrad+grad school, Kathryn loves Memphis. Being a Memphian by birth and by choice, she takes any opportunity she can to share her favorite spots with anyone who will listen. Kathryn is married to her high school sweetheart, a fellow VOLS grad who now works at a local hospital, and mom to Ruthie, born January 2015, Kate, born August 2018, and their encore baby Eliza, born July 2020. After being team #midtownismemphis for (almost) her whole life, Kathryn traded in bungalows and original hardwood for closet space and access to Target. She's adjusting to being an East Memphis mom, but luckily still makes it to all her favorite Midtown spots. Being a mom is the hardest but best thing she's ever done.

A First Timer’s Guide to Disney

I am a firm believer that every child should have a Disneyworld experience. So with our oldest daughter's fifth birthday approaching, I knew it was time to book our trip to the "happiest place...
no spend January

No Spend January: Shifting Spending Habits in the New Year

I have decided to embark on a "No Spend January." Before you decide I am crazy, dismiss me, and go on your way... let me explain.  See, I am not one for resolutions - I am...
what moms want for Christmas

What Mom Really Wants This Christmas.

The holidays are upon us - we are in full swing of the busy season, and while moms across the country are shopping away, keeping lists of present ideas, and sneaking in Amazon orders...
Santa shops at Knowledge Tree

Even Santa Shops at Knowledge Tree!

I am pretty sure I have the toy aisles of Target and Walmart memorized. I could shop there in my sleep. And because my four year old shops on Amazon in her spare time...
Memphis Moms Blog pictures of food in restaurants

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt {2019}

Looking for something fun and creative to do with your kids for the rest of the summer? Join us on an interactive, Memphis-themed photo scavenger hunt!   Here's how to play -- Round up your...
Memphis Moms Blog c-section

So Your Baby Is Coming Out The Trap Door :: Preparing For a C-Section

April is International Cesarean Awareness Month. As someone who has had two cesareans, or "c-sections," this is a subject close to my heart. My girls were both born in an operating room, emerging from...
Memphis Moms Blog Holy Week

Easter 101: Observing Holy Week with Children

Looking around, the obvious signs of Easter currently abound: Easter baskets, peeps candy, chocolate bunnies, plastic eggs. You can get pictures with the Easter Bunny. You can attend multiple egg hunts. As a kid,...
Memphis Moms Blog firstborn sister talking to little sister

Dear firstborn – I’m sorry I ruined your life.

What in the world did I do?  I thought having a second child would be this amazing, beautiful thing. When we told our daughter the news - that she was going to be a big...

Tales from the Dealership :: A Mom on a Mission

As a society, there are so many aspects of the consumer experience that have progressed with time. Think about it: Kroger and Target have services that bring your order to your car. Car washes...

Saving Money By Going Online

First things first. If you're a mega-couponer, bargain hunting fiend, or have your budget relatively under control, this post is not for you.  But if you're a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, wait and see kind of budget person...