I am a pediatric ER nurse who works weekends and stays home with four kids during the week. My life is basically one hot mess after the next and most days I am doing good just to make sure everyone is alive, fed, and bathed somewhat regularly. My husband is my best friend and the funniest person I know. We have been married 13 years and love to travel, go on date nights, and wonder what people without kids do with all their time and money! We have a ten year old, six year old twins, and a 1 year old who came to us via embryo adoption. Our lives are nuts but we wouldn't trade it for anything. Hashtag blessed!
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Covid Chronicles

  I am fully vaccinated, my husband is fully vaccinated, my kids have already had Covid (and I never caught it from them), I abide by all masking laws, and I hardly go anywhere indoors...

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me in High School

We have 4 kids, but only one of them is a girl. As I'm watching my oldest coast through his days of early high school, I can't help by wonder how my daughter (now...
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Day Trippin’ :: The Parker Homestead Festival, Harrisburg AR

Want to take a fun day trip? Got some history nerds in your family? Looking for another field trip option besides the usual pumpkin patch and petting zoo? Or just want to just go...
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“Fat” is a Four Letter Word

Like most women I know, I grew up in an era where skinny=beautiful. And the skinnier you were, the better. I spent my childhood days playing with my barbies, unaware that they had completely...

Top 8 Reasons Not To Homeschool

I used to joke about homeschooling my kids (mostly about why I could never do it). Then last year we, along with many other families I knew, became pandemic homeschoolers. Not because I was...
Friday Faves

Friday Faves by Kathryn

Now I'm sure all of you are just sitting around thinking, "This time of year is crazy with a contested elections, increasing COVID cases, and the holidays right around the corner! But you know...
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Why I Said Goodbye to my Uterus

I would say that the rocky relationship between my uterus and me began in middle school when we were first officially acquainted. I don’t know what I thought a period would be like, but...

Coronavirus Has Changed My Kids

“I wonder what a world without coronavirus would be like. I mean, I know it hasn’t been that long but it’s hard to remember. I bet we went so many places.” I looked back at...
family trip

Take the Family Trip!

First of all, allow me to formally acknowledge that there is a reason why it’s called a family “trip” and not a “vacation,” especially if you are the mom. By now you know the...

Get Your Sweat on with your Kids :: 4 Fun Workouts to Try

School recess is long gone, spring sports are canceled, playdates are obsolete, and it seems to rain every other day! Kids are spending more and more time doing stationary activities like watching tv, online...