I am a pediatric ER nurse who works weekends and stays home with four kids during the week. My life is basically one hot mess after the next and most days I am doing good just to make sure everyone is alive, fed, and bathed somewhat regularly. My husband is my best friend and the funniest person I know. We have been married 13 years and love to travel, go on date nights, and wonder what people without kids do with all their time and money! We have a ten year old, six year old twins, and a 1 year old who came to us via embryo adoption. Our lives are nuts but we wouldn't trade it for anything. Hashtag blessed!
Memphis Moms Blog bleeding to death

Postpartum Bleeding Gone Wrong

On January 11th, 2017 I went in for a routine repeat C-section. We were having our fourth child, a baby boy that came to us via embryo adoption and we were so excited to...
Memphis Moms Blog seondary infertility

“At Least You Have the One” :: Secondary Infertility

From the time that I was a little girl, I always wanted a big family. I wanted to get started young and have 6 kids. I married a man who was in no hurry...
Memphis Moms Blog favorite parent

My Kids Have a Favorite Parent

You can eat organic foods during pregnancy, buy special earphones so the baby can listen to classical music in the womb, have a 2 day natural labor and unmedicated delivery, even have a lotus birth...
Memphis Moms Blog Petco parents

Petco Parents

Breastmilk vs formula fed, cloth diaper vs disposable, stay at home or work outside the home, public school vs homeschooling vs unschooling (is this really a thing??). There are many choices to be made...
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If Kids Had Meal Trains

When you live in the South, three things are certain: death, taxes, and meal trains. If you have a baby, have surgery, have a death in the family, or even if your dog gets...
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Embryo Adoption :: So Much More Than Reasonable

“Reasonable.” This was the first word I ever heard to describe our son. Not handsome, not sweet, but reasonable. I was lying on an exam table, heart racing, bladder about to burst. The last...