Kela Birthing at home

Black Women Need Black Doulas

Black women need black doulas. Doulas may be a luxury for some, but in today's's a necessity. The black mothers' mortality rate needs to come down as soon as possible. In recent years, there...
black mom breastfeeding

Black Breast is Best

Is black breast best? Black women breastfeeding in America right now looks like more than 64 percent of black women struggling to initiate nursing their newborns and, according to the CDC, the shortest duration...

How Scrunchies Saved My Life

Serious question: What do you feel like you really deserve? I felt like for the longest I deserved freedom, but was scared of the work it would take. I held on to unforgiveness for the longest...
recording a podcast

I Started a Podcast and You Can, Too! :: Podcasting Tips for Beginners

I am a wife, mom, business woman, and a beginner coffee drinker (thanks #momlife) -- but I also host a podcast. My husband and I started one a few months ago and it's been...