Ketrice is wife to Solomon Page, and mother to 3 beautiful sweet children- Niylah (March 2012), Solomon Jr. (November 2014), and Elon, (July 2018). She is also a black maternal health advocate and lactivist. She and her husband are the owners of Page Life Solutions, a life insurance agency. She believes in the power of God, our creator. She also believes in the power of a woman’s body. The fact that the female gender was chosen to grow life and serve as the portal to deliver babies from the spiritual realm to earthside makes us amazing.
miscarriage sucks

Miscarriage Sucks

It is past noon. I have wrestled with a tired, sleepy, and wiggly baby for the past 30 minutes. Finally, my 1 year old has given in to the necessary power of needing to...
Memphis Moms Blog free stuff Memphis

Free Stuff to do in Memphis this Summer

Summer Summer Summer Time! For local families, and those traveling to Memphis, there are a host of free activities and events that take place in our colorful city. Summer vacations and kid activities can hit...
Memphis Moms Blog preparing for birth

The Birth of a Baby=The Birth of a Mother :: Preparing for Birth

The birth of a baby equals the birth of a mother. This tiny human is born and the mother emerges with a responsibility to nurture and care for a life intertwined with her own....
Memphis Moms Blog mama vibes

Mama Vibes Loud and Clear

We've got something in common. We moms stick together. We support each other. When the life of another mom is disrupted by fear, sadness, or pain, we try to imagine being in her shoes. We...
Memphis Moms Blog financial security

New Year New You :: Financial Security

Here we are, nearing the end of January. I believe it's still safe to say Happy New Year! Some New Year's resolutions are in effect, some are laying in wait, and others are down...