Originally from Kansas City, Kristin met her husband, a Seattle native, in Germany. The military brought them to Memphis, and they chose to stay after transitioning to Reserve duty. While it is hard to be away from family, they love this city so much that they bought a house in Midtown where they are raising two spunky daughters, E (May 2013) and L (January 2016), and a curious son E (November 2019). Kristin considers herself to be primarily a stay-at-home mom, but she occasionally escapes the shenanigans to teach college-level writing classes. If she had any spare time, she’d spend it curled up with a good book in a blissful state of hygge. Her family is happiest when on an adventure, especially camping, riding bikes, or enjoying all Memphis has to offer.

Enough is Enough

Almost immediately after learning that we were all going to be quarantined in our houses for an indeterminate amount of time (remember when we all thought it was going to be just two weeks?),...
Reelfoot Lake

Weekend Getaway:: Reelfoot Lake and Discovery Park

By the time the long President's Day weekend rolled around, my family desperately needed a getaway. Being pregnant and subsequently having a newborn meant that we hadn't been out of town since camping over...

Moms Don’t Get Sick Days. But When They Do…

No one likes having to take sick days. However, there's a certain cruelty involved when you feel like death warmed over yet still have to do all the things. When I was a kid, I...

I Didn’t Know My Own Baby

I know my two daughters better than anyone...even themselves. I know that my oldest is a typical first-born who likes to make the rules and gets upset when things don't go precisely her way. I know...
mom solo parenting

Solo Parenting

Single parents don't get the credit--or the help--they deserve. This thought crosses my mind each time I am faced with another round of solo parenting. Let me be clear: solo parenting is not the same...
the things you can recycle

Oh, The Things You Can Recycle!

The beginning of a new year always provides the feeling of a fresh start (mingled with the "post-holiday slump," but that's another post). I wish I could go all KonMari on my house, but...

I Live Under a Rock

Several weeks ago when driving home from swimming lessons, my husband asked me if I had heard about what was going on in the north Memphis neighborhood of Frayser. I glanced in the backseat...
MMB pregnant mama

What I Forgot about Being Pregnant

As I am firmly entrenched in the third trimester of my third pregnancy, I can't help but reflect on my experiences this go-around. However, since it has been three years since the last time...

“Mama, I’m Hungry” :: Quick and Easy After-School Snack Ideas

My children know that whenever they proclaim, "Mama, I'm hungry," I will immediately answer something along the lines of, "Hi! I'm Mom. Nice to meet you." Yet they make this statement approximately 17 times a...

Kindergarten Survival Tips for Moms

This week I dropped off my big girl at school for her first day of first grade. What a difference a year makes. Sure, it was a bit chaotic, as first days tend to be, but...