Laura Boswell

Born and raised just right outside of Memphis, Laura and her husband Shane now live in the small town of Atoka, TN. While pregnant with her little girl Leighton who was born in October 2014, she finished her MBA at the University of Memphis (go Tigers!) Shane owns his own detailing and pressure washing business while Laura works full-time in the corporate world and is also a style blogger. When she's not busy working, traveling or blogging, you can find her with her family and 2 yorkies, Spike and Lola, running, riding bikes or doing anything else outdoors.

Bringing Home the Bacon {and the Milk!}

We always hear about how natural breastfeeding is, but what we don't always hear is that for everyone, it doesn't come quite so naturally.  For me, breastfeeding was a lot like my new found role...

Meet Laura!

Hey!  I’m Laura, also known as LB, and I have lived just right outside of Memphis in Tipton County my entire life.  I am from the tiny of town of Brighton, TN.  Yes, we...