Lisa is a born and raised Memphian who has yet to call another place home. She’s so Memphis, she even met her husband, Paul, at a University of Memphis football game during her senior year of college in 2004. Go Tigers Go! After dating for only 6 months, they were married! Paul and Lisa now have 3 boys Quintin (2007), Emmitt (2010) and Walter (2014) who fill their house full of potty humor. They recently went all in with their business, Easel Town, opening their first brick and mortar location. Needless to say, staying busy is not an issue. Currently, Lisa is facing her biggest challenge. In December of 2017, she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Her battle with Lyme has forced her to constantly adapt to how it has changed her life; she works everyday to get back the things it took from her.

Chronic Illness :: Living in the Shadow of your Former Self

There are so many moms hiding in plain sight with chronic illness. They are cheering at the sporting events, volunteering for the PTA, and grocery shopping with two toddlers in tow, all while fighting...

Lyme Disease :: My Hunt for an Answer

I still grieve for the person I was. I still search for her daily. I get filled with anger. With loneliness. With resentment. She abandoned me. Even when I look into the mirror, I can’t find her. I can’t find...
loving myself with a nose piercing

A Nose Ring, A Bikini, and 37… Oh My!

Yep! For my 37th birthday, I got my nose pierced. And it was not some subconscious way to reconnect with my youth. And I was not having a mid life crisis; it’s still a little...
Memphis Moms Blog teacher wants

What the Teacher REALLY Wants…

Coffee drinking, label making, pen obsessed, child loving, big-hearted, multi-tasking, organizational wizards… Many of you call them teachers, but those are MY PEOPLE! School is quickly coming to a close as parents scramble to figure...
Memphis Moms Blog social media

Ignore, Delete, Block :: How do we Navigate Social Media?

The irony is you are probably reading this through some sort of social media outlet. Let’s be real. That’s how I find most of the articles I read these days. But it's time to...
Memphis Moms Blog the b word: budget

The B Word :: Budget

Throughout our marriage, we have taken a lot of unconventional steps, leaving others to wonder why or more importantly how. I’ll never forget the time someone was asking us about Paul teaching art classes...
Memphis Moms Blog village disappeared

I Watched My Village Disappear

I sat closely by and held the hand of the man who was my bridge for every journey in life and watched him die. With a 3 year old and a sixth month old...
Memphis Moms Blog Christmas tree

Buddy the Elf, What’s your Favorite Color?

I am totally that annoying person who knows every line to almost every Christmas movie and song. I listen to Christmas music pretty much year round. And **gasp** I put up my tree before...