Lori Parish

Originally from near Pittsburgh PA, Lori moved to Memphis in 2009. She has a passion for working with special needs children as an ABA therapist and also teaches swim lessons out of her own pool each summer. Lori is married to Ryan, an archaeology professor at the U of M. Together they have five great kids; Ali (April 2007), Asher (Dec 2009), Kates (Oct 2012), Paige (April 2014) and Gwendolyn (July 2019). Lori loves Jesus, lattes and grocery shopping alone. She's not a fan of getting up early in the morning!

GO! SEE! EXPLORE! : Playground of Dreams in Arlington

Fall is (sort of!) in the air. Which means now is the perfect time to start exploring all the wonderful playgrounds in Memphis. We have some amazing places to play but one of the...

Do Your Kids Have Buttworms?

Okay, okay. So they're not actually called buttworms, they're called pinworms. And, like lice, they're actually very common. But luckily, unlike lice, they're extremely easy to treat. The first time we dealt with buttworms in...
social media

Deleted! Cancel Culture on Social Media

Earlier today a Facebook friend put up something on her personal social media. Typically I have a "keep scrolling" mentality and rarely make comments. But this particular topic is one that's trending and I...

Eleven Reasons Why Age Eleven is the Worst

Yesterday, I wrote a blog about how awesome toddlerhood is. (FYI, it's my favorite age. Ever.) And it got me thinking about the ages I do like and the ones I don't. And while...
toddler at the zoo

18 Reasons Why 18 Months Is My Favorite Age

Ah, the joys of motherhood. If you're a FTM (that's lingo for first time mom), you may or may not have delved into the toddler phase. This phase I loosely categorize from approximately age...
first time mom with baby

I Feel Like I Was a Better Mom When I Had Just 1 Kid

There are pros and cons to having a big family. We have 5 kids, and there's definitely families out there that have more children than we do. My husband and I always talked about...
2021 goals

New Year, New You? Probably Not.

Are you a New Year's Resolution person? Personally, I'm not. My yearly "reset" is more around the kids going back to school in August. I get motivated to "change my ways" when we're all...
Friday Faves

Friday Favorites by Lori

Whoo-whee. It's Friyay! And that means another round up of Friday Favorites! These things have, surprisingly in some cases, brought me much joy over the past few months. Maybe they will for you too....
crazy fort toy

The Ultimate Mega List : Top Toys and Gifts for Every Age!

Although it's only October, we're already dreaming of cooler temperatures and holiday festivities. We know that many parents are already discussing what to get for their kids this year. (Since the pandemic, has anyone...

Memphis Spooktacular Neighborhood Pumpkin Hunt

Remember back in March the quarantine fad of going on a bear hunt with your kids through the neighborhoods? Then in April we hosted a neighborhood egg hunt? Well, now that it's October, and...