Lori Parish

Lori Parish
Originally from near Pittsburgh PA, Lori moved to Memphis 9 years ago. She has a passion for working with special needs children as an ABA therapist and also teaches swim lessons out of her own pool each summer. Lori is married to Ryan, an archaeology professor at the U of M. Together they have four great kids; Ali (April 2007), Asher (Dec 2009), Kates (Oct 2012), and Paige (April 2014). They are expecting their 5th early August. Lori loves Jesus, lattes and grocery shopping alone. She's not a fan of getting up early in the morning!
Memphis Moms Blog dating you son

A Guide to Mother-Son Dates in Memphis

We often think about dating our husband or spouse, but that other boy in your life is sometimes forgotten! That's why we've come up with a list of fun activities to do with your...
Memphis Moms Blog kids on Halloween

Drink or Treat

#beerparenting  is apparently a trendy hashtag  these days. I think it means that parents are watching their children while simultaneously drinking beer, although I'm not entirely sure.    But I'm all for a good beer.    And heaven...
Memphis MMB birthday week simple

RANT :: Where the Heck Did the RSVP Go?!

Répondez s'il vous plaît {RSVP} Respond if you please. Respond: verb, say something in reply. RANT: Where the heck did the RSVP go?  Is it just me, or does this bug every mom out there? It's really really really...

Thinking Outside the {Lunch}Box

School has officially begun. And that means packing lunches has also started up again. *sigh* Every. Day. All. Year. *double sigh* I have a lot of  kiddos. Which means I pack approximately 700 lunches a year. *triple...

Early Start Potty Training :: Part 2 :: Let’s GO!

So now that we've discussed the reasons why moms usually don't start early potty training (see Part 1), let's get into the how-to for those of you who are considering trying! First, you have to...

Early Start Potty Training :: Part 1 :: Debunking the Myths

If you are a mom with no desire or belief to start potty training before age two, I give you permission to stop reading. Hi. I'm Lori, and I'm an early start potty-trainer. Let me explain....

{EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT} “Just Breathe” Event Series with Downtown Yoga

Memphis Moms Blog and Downtown Yoga are excited to announce a new event series "Just Breathe." Beginning next week, and over the next five months, MMB and Downtown Yoga will offer different types of yoga...

Meet Blue Iris Boutique

Breeze Blankenship has lived in the Midsouth her entire life. After earning a marketing degree from Mississippi State University, she found herself moving back to the Memphis. Deciding to stay, she later met and...

Single Moms Spa and Shop RECAP

On Sunday, Dec 17, Memphis Moms Blog hosted their first annual Single Mom Spa & Shop. Here at MMB, we know how awesome single moms are; they do it all and often without a...

Generosity, Gratitude, and Giving

Generosity. Gratitude. Giving. The three big G's. The world, especially around the holidays, screams at us to "buy more!" and "you need this!" We're bombarded with advertisements for more stuff...more, more, more! We become stressed and resentful. We...