Lori Parish

Originally from near Pittsburgh PA, Lori moved to Memphis in 2009. She has a passion for working with special needs children as an ABA therapist and also teaches swim lessons out of her own pool each summer. Lori is married to Ryan, an archaeology professor at the U of M. Together they have five great kids; Ali (April 2007), Asher (Dec 2009), Kates (Oct 2012), Paige (April 2014) and Gwendolyn (July 2019). Lori loves Jesus, lattes and grocery shopping alone. She's not a fan of getting up early in the morning!

Dogs Need Vacations, Too

A few months ago, we found out that the Memphis Moms Blog sister site conference was to be in Orlando, Florida at the amazing Walt Disney World resorts. Immediately we started planning how we...

Cooking with Kids

Our goal as parents is to equip our kids with the basic knowledge to survive on their own. Many of these skills can be introduced at quite a young age -- and that includes...
container store finds

The Container Store :: Kid Room Makeover

Last year I became unexpectedly expecting with baby number five. Although it wasn't a primary concern, we soon realized that we didn't really have a place to put her once she was born. For each of...
middle school

A Letter to My Daughter’s Middle School Teachers

Dear Teacher(s), Thank you for loving my child so well. Middle school can be tough. Physical changes collide with hormonal and internal changes. Attitudes erupt like a volcano and subside just as quickly as the tide....
drowning hand

Drowning doesn’t look like (TV) drowning

It was hot. Mid-July. And the pool where I was working was crowded with kids yelling and splashing. You could smell hot dogs grilling at the concession stand. I was about to rotate to...
Memphis Moms Blog bloom 2019

Top 10 Reasons to Come to Bloom

Hey there Memphis Mamas! We see you! We see how tired you are. How even the most mundane task takes all your energy. This is why you need to come to Bloom tomorrow. This event is JUST FOR YOU!...
Memphis Moms Blog dad parents

My husband doesn’t “babysit” ; HE PARENTS

Me: I'm so excited! I'm heading to for the weekend for a conference and #girlsweekend! Grand-mom: "Oh? Is your husband babysitting while you're gone?" Me:   Typically at this point in the conversation, I don't actually tell the person "no,...
Memphis Moms Blog doula logo

What is a Doula and Why Do I Need One?

Many of you know that I'm pregnant with baby number five. Y'all. Things have changed in the last five years since I gave birth to Paige, my youngest. One mom recently mentioned I need...
Memphis Moms Blog unexpectedly expecting

Unexpectedly Expecting

Deep down, even when I was closing my eyes to avoid looking at the outcome, I knew. I knew with every fiber in my being what it was going to say... 1 hour previously: There I...

NOT the Waffle Place You’re Thinking Of

Sometimes when you move to a new city, it takes awhile to learn all the awesome places the locals go. You can peruse blogs, look up restaurant lists, follow foodies on Instagram, but really,...