Originally from Tupelo, MS, family and friends have dubbed Niki an honorary Memphian. She loves all of Memphis except Collierville, because of a speeding ticket that one time. Mom to Aria and Hayes and wife of 5 years, but high school sweethearts for 13 years. As a Memphis Realtor, you may spot her placing a “For Sale/Sold” sign in your neighbor’s yard. She also works as the Creative Director and Social Media Manager for downtown lifestyle boutique, Stock & Belle. Wait, there’s more! She also directs and styles photo sessions for local photographer, Jarvis Hughes. She is an advocate for self-love, equality, healthy eats, mother nature, and the 4-hour work day. If you’re wanting to get more personal with Niki, visit her personal blog
trick or treat alternative

Treat or Treats: Trick or Treating Alternatives

My family loves Halloween! After October ends, Aria and Drew asks about plans for the next Halloween. Also, one-year Aria asked for a Halloween party for her birthday that is at the end of...

Living A More Sustainable Life

Global warming. Climate change. Sustainability. Eco-friendly. Clean energy. I am certain that you have heard or read these buzzwords just about everywhere, but what do they mean? Quick breakdown: basically our planet is warming,...
nurse checking out a parent

Parenting A Parent

For the last few months, I have taken a step back from writing. 2020 threw all of the life-changing events our way, right? Last June, my mom suffered a pretty severe stroke. She was...
Earth Day

Every Day is Earth Day!

This year Earth Day is a three day event, from April 20-22, 2021. This year’s focus topics include regenerative agriculture, reforestation, cleanup, environmental justice, and more! Although it spans three days this year, the...
secondhand shopping racks

Secondhand Love

With the growing popularity of the “conscious consumer,” some industries have seen phenomenal growth, like secondhand. By 2030, the secondhand industry is expected to reach  $80 billion in value. Talk about something being junk...
soul movie

The Other Side of Pixar’s Soul

Before my family and I tuned in to Pixar’s latest movie, "Soul", I had been on high alert from other watchers and their online reviews. I read so many posts from other moms reprimanding...

Stop Being A Lazy Ally!

With current boiling social and political tension, we have heard our fair share of the word “ally” and what it means to be one. Being an ally to any social or political movement is...

How Do I Talk to My Black Children about Racism? I don’t.

No, this is not click bait. Yes, I am very much firm in my viewpoint. You would think with me being very vocal about the sufferings and injustices of Black people due to racism...
racism protests

Stop Asking Black People What They Think of Racism!

We discuss many hard topics here on the blog but conversations about racism barely exist. I have to be honest; I am a bit disappointed with the blog not using the platform more often...

No, You Cannot Touch My Child’s Hair!

Being a black woman, everything about me is a conversation starter, good or bad. Each day I have to be conscious in all my decisions, especially appearances. Spaces outside of my home are not...