Sabrina is not a Memphis native, but 901 is definitely her home. She works in accounting at one of Memphis’ top engineering firms. She has four kiddos: BP (2009), JP (2010), KP (2011), and IP (2014). She loves Jesus and the 49ers! If the Powe's aren’t on the ball field, you’ll likely run into them at the Memphis Zoo or CMOM! They're also big fans of the Performing Arts. She has been fostering for 5 years and has a passion for helping kids. Her favorite color is orange and she's seen just about every Disney movie made!
Friday Faves

Friday Favorites by Sabrina

Coming up with my five favorite things wasn't hard at all. So without further adieu, here we go! Check out 5 things I'm loving right now. Hair Care Products My hair is natural, and in the...

Why Are You Not Voting?

Why are you not voting? Seriously! Why not? Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you do realize that's magnified around voting season? Whether Presidential or local, people come out of the woods...

An Ode to the One I Call Dad

He's not my biological father. But he is my Dad. He is the man that raised me from the time I was 18 months old. He is the man who dedicated his time being a great Daddy...
homework during quarantine

My Quarantine Life

So, I just finished unloading the dishwasher for the 11th time this week. I mean, y'all know how that feels. Quarantine, right? (And before you start on me, my kids load it and hand wash...
morning commute

A Peaceful Morning Commute :: Is That Possible?

Why is the commute so bad?! Every morning? Is it because they’re close in age? Is it a conversation left over from the night before, and they felt it was needed to be hashed out  AGAIN...
halloween decorate by the kids

Don’t be Scared! Let your Kids Decorate for Halloween!

YAY! It’s time to decorate again! It has been a tradition of mine since purchasing my first home in 2014 that my family and I decorate for all the major holidays -- but Halloween...
back to school

I Love the School Year (and so do my kids)!

Don’t get me wrong, I like summer vacation. But we thrive on routine. It's back to school, and this year I have four kids attending the same school! (All the praise hands). I currently have a...
MMB slip n slide summer

Old-Fashioned Summer Fun

My kiddos really are chill just staying at home. Why do we feel like we have to be “on the go”?  Especially during the summer? As a single, full-time working mom, I was scrambling...
Memphis Moms Blog summer camp

Spreading His Wings :: A Story about Sleep-Away Camp

Last summer: 2018 My baby boy, my super clingy one, has decided he wants to go to a four day sleep-away church camp. Initial reaction: I’m not ready! He's not ready. We're both not ready. Right? But...
Memphis Moms Blog stressed saying no

Saying NO is hard to do

Saying no is so hard for me. Sometimes, when the request isn’t something bad, it's especially hard to say no.   I want to come through and I want to help where I’m needed -- but...