Sabrina is not a Memphis native, but 901 is definitely her home. She works in accounting at one of Memphis’ top engineering firms. She has four kiddos: BP (2009), JP (2010), KP (2011), and IP (2014). She loves Jesus and the 49ers! If the Powe's aren’t on the ball field, you’ll likely run into them at the Memphis Zoo or CMOM! They're also big fans of the Performing Arts. She has been fostering for 5 years and has a passion for helping kids. Her favorite color is orange and she's seen just about every Disney movie made!
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Spreading His Wings :: A Story about Sleep-Away Camp

Last summer: 2018 My baby boy, my super clingy one, has decided he wants to go to a four day sleep-away church camp. Initial reaction: I’m not ready! He's not ready. We're both not ready. Right? But...
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Saying NO is hard to do

Saying no is so hard for me. Sometimes, when the request isn’t something bad, it's especially hard to say no.   I want to come through and I want to help where I’m needed -- but...
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From Foster to Forever :: An interview on the adoption process

The number one goal in foster care is reunification with the birth parents or a family member; however, there are some cases when this doesn’t happen. Some kids come into care, and it’s already...

Precocious Puberty

My eight-year-old daughter is trapped in an eleven-year old’s body; no joke. My daughter moved in with us when she was four years old when we were still in the pre-adoptive stage. I noticed she...

Stitch Fix :: For the Mom Who Hates Shopping

It was time for some new clothes; like I seriously had clothes from before I had a kid nine years ago hanging in my closet. Truth be told, there was part of me hoping...

Becoming Three Kinds of Mothers :: Biological, Adoptive, and Foster

It’s funny, I never wanted to be a mom.  I was the one who aways said, “I don’t want any kids.”  It wasn’t because I didn’t like them. I loved all the kids in...