Visit an indoor water park in the winter? You bet!

  A few weeks ago my husband said he would have a few days off coming up and he'd like us to take the kids on a surprise trip. I'm always in favor of...
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5 Packing Hacks for Your Next Family Getaway

Have you ever had a great idea for a quick getaway for your family but then realized you'd have to pack for four people for said getaway and changed your mind? It's happened to the...

Memphis Moms: Let’s Talk About Race

As we observe Martin Luther King's birthday today with MLK Day, Memphis Moms Blog is looking inward to see how Memphis moms are handling the topic of race in their households. MLK would have...
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The Road to Self-Care is Paved with Procrastination

When I was a young mom, I knew self-care was important to my well-being. What I didn't know was how to incorporate it into my day-to-day routine. Like many, I thought self-care meant hours...

When Dinner Is More Than Just a Meal

  A few weeks ago, I wrote about how having kids grow up and move out has sort of changed things in our household. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is our family meals together.  We...

I’m Still Mom: An Open Letter to My Grown Children

Dear kids, I know you’re officially “grown” and past the age where I take care of your every need — and want. But guess what, I’m still Mom. I know you are managing well and “oh...

Mom Guilt :: Does It Ever End?

An acquaintance recently shared her plans of moving to a new city, and we talked briefly about how relocations affect our children. My family and I have made several moves over the years, so...

How my Husband is Teaching our Son to be a Man

Each year as various holidays roll around, my husband, Michael, has this thing he says: "Every day is _______ (insert holiday here). This day is no more special than the next." This is his...

Foster Kids Don’t Need a Saint, but They DO Need Love

“You and your husband are saints.”  Have you ever heard this when people find out you are a parent? No?  For most of us, it would seem awkward to hear this. But somehow, this is the...