No, You Cannot Touch My Child’s Hair!


Being a black woman, everything about me is a conversation starter, good or bad. Each day I have to be conscious in all my decisions, especially appearances. Spaces outside of my home are not held for me to be my authentic self, ranging from the work place to social events. Although society does not hold […]

The High Expectations of Quarantine


We’ve been home for a while now. I’ve lost count of the days; they’re all running into each other. This is not normal and we feel it. School’s been out since the middle of March. High school seniors won’t have a formal graduation ceremony nor partake in any senior activities. No prom or class day. […]

Grace During the Pandemic


When my husband preaches on the concept of grace, it often brings tears to my eyes. My husband is an Episcopal priest. Preaching is his truest gift, and grace is one of his best topics. We both know and have lived grace first-hand because through it, we found each other. But, I’m not here to […]

Walk the Walk with Sidewalk Chalk


Our family has a reputation in our neighborhood. And it’s a good one, thank you very much (don’t worry, Mom). For the past few months, we’ve been using the quarantine time to spread cheer to our neighbors – at a safe distance, of course. We’ve been decorating our sidewalks with messages of hope, love, and […]

How to Encourage Cooperation in Your Kids

Thank you to Moral Kidz for partnering with us and providing such important information!Kids have a mind of their own, and that seems most apparent after you’ve given them instruction. We’ve all been there at one point or another; melt-downs, back-talk, eye-rolling, forgetfulness, and slothfulness, these are the most common responses that parents receive from […]

Writer’s Block


Hi. My name is Crady. I’m one of the owners of MMC. And I have severe writer’s block. But not just writer’s block. I have severe creativity block. Ever since this whole thing started, I’ve managed to keep my head above water. My house is clean-ish (I’m not afraid to eat in it, even though […]

Keeping Kids of All Ages Busy When Working from Home

Quarantine time with children at home can be demanding and challenging. Working from home, parents find themselves juggling their work demands and their children’s distance learning programs. Long hours in ZOOM meetings, returning conference calls, and work emails can drain the energy of any parent. Some parents struggle with their children having too much screen […]

My Top 5 Favorite Quarantine-Friendly Family Recipes

If you’re anything like me, you are so over this COVID-19 pandemic and all the cooking that comes with being under quarantine. So much cooking. So many recipes. I’m a full-time SAHM, which means meal prep often falls under my jurisdiction. Plus, staying at home with a toddler who has boundless energy means I often […]

The One Thing You Should Never Say to a New Mom

I hesitated to share these thoughts because I don’t want to be seen as negative, witchy, or ungrateful. But after thinking about it for a while, I’ve decided to impart this little piece of advice in support of all the new moms out there. Well, actually, the advice is for everyone else around them, because, […]

Sharing Life Skills :: Sewing is Harder Than It Seams


Last weekend I learned how to sew on a button. All it took was being quarantined for over a month to learn this essential skill. My husband has been teaching weekly sewing classes to our almost seven-year-old, and I have been humbly attending as a fellow student. Each Sunday, we haul a pile of practice garments, […]

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