The No-BS Guide to Managing Toxic Relationships

We’ve all experienced it. It may have been a subtle comment. An unexpected jab. A diss dressed like a complement. Toxic relationships exist and are a lot more common than we’d like to admit. And let’s not even get started on just how prevalent this becomes when you join the ranks of motherhood (the mommy […]

My White Allies

In the midst of this racial uprising (yes it’s still going on), I am so thankful for my White Allies. I really wanted to say that I’m thankful for my white friends, but I was afraid that I’ll sound like that person that says, “I’m not racist! I have a black friend.” Yea. Saying, “I […]

Kids and Chores :: It’s All About How You Sell It


My cynical pragmatic husband often says that much of American culture is just clever marketing. As much as I hate to admit it, he’s often right. Just think about all those things you had to have on your baby registry…that you didn’t need and sometimes didn’t even use. (I’m looking at you, bathtub thermometer.) And don’t […]

When TV Scripted Drama Hits a Nerve

Some television shows take you away from your reality. They bring a level of entertainment, drama, comedy to your life for a short amount of time. And sometimes it’s exactly what you need in the moment and sometimes it’s just too much for you to process. And this time for me…it worked a good old […]

Masks for the {Tiny} Masses


If someone had told me a year ago, that masks would be the newest fashion accessory, I would’ve thought they were off their rockers. But along came 2020, the WEIRDEST year ever, and now everyone should be is wearing masks. And while options abound for adults, finding ones that fit kids and are comfortable and […]

It’s Time To Register … For Your Anniversary?


When I was a kid—probably more like a teenager—I vividly remember thinking that all of the adults in my life seemed to have absolutely no style when it came to home décor and textiles. My own home was a showcase of patterns from the 70s way into the 90s; and I remember thinking that my […]

Pregnancy in a Pandemic

When I first tested had a positive pregnancy test last fall, I could have never envisioned my pregnancy would unfold the way it did. I was nervous (how could I handle three?). I was excited (my last baby!). July seemed SO FAR away. And just as none of us could have guessed we would be […]

Take the Family Trip!


First of all, allow me to formally acknowledge that there is a reason why it’s called a family “trip” and not a “vacation,” especially if you are the mom. By now you know the drill: spend the entire day before your trip packing everything you can imagine your kids needing for the next week- clothing […]

My Child has Autism, but I Probably Won’t Tell You about It

My young son has autism, but I might not tell you about it. Not because I’m ashamed or it’s a dark secret, but because I think he has a right to decide if and when people know about the inner workings of HIS brain. He was diagnosed as a toddler, and many people told us […]

Levi’s Legacy :: Preventing Toddler Drownings

/* custom css */ .tdi_3_0cc{ min-height: 0; } /* custom css */ .tdi_5_ec2{ vertical-align: baseline; } When my daughter was 8 months old, I willingly handed her to the murderer who took her big brother’s life. And, then I watched as she fought off this killer and learned to live. My three year old son, [...]

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