I registered for a Crock Pot when we filled out our wedding registry.  Every "must-have wedding checklist" included one.  Why not me - even though I knew I would never use it.  Those things were for moms and grandmoms. ...
I can vividly remember sipping a fruity drink on my honeymoon and talking to my then-new husband about taking a special trip for our future 10th wedding anniversary. I had it all planned out - I told you I was...

Losing My Identity

I was convinced that being a mom wouldn't change me. When I got married, my friends told me that, once I was a wife, I would be different. Independent by nature, I was convinced that it wouldn't be the...
Two days before my second son's scheduled induction (eviction) date, I was a swollen, miserable, hormonal mess. My oldest son was about a month shy of being 3 years old, and he was (and still is) beautiful, bright, energetic,...

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