A Salute


American flag salute to a fallen veteran On a warm Tuesday, people of all races and ages

Stood in line with great expectation

Exercising a freedom to vote

That was won by soldiers of past generations

Each and every day we are swayed by the right and the left

Speaking the truths they hold so tightly to

The beauty is not in one side being wrong or right

But in our own liberty to choose

These things that makes us American

These rights we are entitled to

Are not free, but come with a cost

That was paid, but not by me or by you

It was paid for by men and women

Sons and daughters

Who gave up their chance to be fathers and mothers

While we sit here today

Determined to get what we are owed

We cannot forget the sacrifice

Or the blood that has flowed

Even in our division

Even at our worst

They still chose to give

Putting their country first

Today we say thank you

We mourn and we grieve

But mostly we rest easy

Not for what they have taken, but for what they leave

A legacy of sacrifice, honor, and hope

The gift of security

Veterans, we salute you

May God shed His grace on thee

we salute our soldiers

The inspiration for this post comes from my husband, Jesse, who served in the United States Army from 2003-2007. While on duty in Iraq in 2007, he received a gunshot wound to the head and was awarded a Purple Heart for the wounds he received in combat. Thankfully he survived his wounds, but he fought alongside many soldiers who did not. Veterans Day is a day to honor their selfless sacrifice and the gift that is a free country. Today is a day that many families are without their loved ones so that we can be with ours.

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Kristi was born and raised in Chicago but calls Memphis her home. She lives in Collierville with her husband, Jesse, and three kids – Levi (June 2012), Sam (May 2014), and Halle June (March 2016). Her husband lost his left eye in combat while in Iraq with the U.S. Army in 2007; because of that, she tries to treat every single day like a gift. She is a work-from-home mom, providing online nutrition and fitness coaching to hundreds of clients while juggling a threenager. She loves to talk all things enneagram (she’s a 4w3), faith, family, and fitness. On a good day you can find her on the tennis court or scouring the city for the best coffee shop. If she’s not there check the laundry room – she’s probably waist-deep inside the washing machine.