Choose Kindness


“You can’t come to my birthday party…”

I know every mom on the planet has heard this phrase in some form – whether your child was on the saying or receiving end. Kindness is an invaluable trait and as a mom, it is my job to raise kind children who encourage, help, serve and befriend others. We all know that children learn and live by example. When one of my children says something rude or mean (yes – they do), I can’t stand by and let it go unnoticed. We must explain the difference between negative and positive words and what these words can do to others. On the way to school, we discuss including others at recess and what that looks like. Choosing to be kind is a life skill that we have a responsibility to instill in our children.

When I volunteer and serve dinner at LeBonheur, I make sure to explain what I am doing and why it is important to serve others. When we donate books or canned goods to a service project at school, I make sure they understand the purpose of giving. When they found out their best friend was in another class, it was the perfect time to talk about making new friends and encouraging them to be kind and encouraging to others. By giving them concrete examples of HOW to be kind, we are setting them up to be kind adults.


Here are 25 ways to choose kindness that you and your children can check off over the next few days…

  1. Paint rocks and hide them around the city.
  2. Buy someone’s coffee/dinner/lunch behind you in the drive-thru line.
  3. Bake cookies for the firefighters and take them to the firehouse.
  4. Leave a thank you note in the mailbox for the mail carrier.
  5. Make your bed without someone telling you to do it.
  6. Forgive others when they aren’t kind to you.
  7. Donate toys/clothes you no longer use.
  8. Rake leaves for your neighbor (or your dad).
  9. Draw pictures/make a thank you card for the police officers.
  10. Invite a friend who is sitting out to play a game at recess.
  11. Pick up litter at the park.
  12. Hold the door open for someone at the store.
  13. Bring flowers to your grandmother as a surprise.
  14. Share with your friends at school and offer to let someone else go “first.”
  15. Make blessing bags for homeless people and keep them in your car to pass out.
  16. Leave a happy note on your teacher’s desk.
  17. Sit with a new friend at lunch.
  18. Help your mom/dad make dinner one night.
  19. Give a friend at school a compliment.
  20. Make a get well card for someone who is sick.
  21. Collect money or items for your favorite charity.
  22. Smile at everyone you see.
  23. Say thank you to any military officers you see.
  24. Ask a new friend over for a playdate.
  25. Pray for your friends and teachers at school.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ~Aesop

Go out there and teach your children to #choosekindness today!

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