Kindness Matters…It Really Does!


Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of every day life, we forget important things, like kindness. I had a  couple of good reminders this week about kindness and its reach.

On Tuesday, Livy (my 5 year old), had two different doctor appointments on top of school. As we arrived for our last appointment, I was struggling in the freezing cold to get Livy set up in her walker and Will (my 1 year old) into his stroller. Then I heard over my shoulder, ”Can I help you?” 

Typically, I politely brush off help. I mean, I’m the, “I got this!” mama. But on this day, I was worn out and it felt like the arctic outside. So I gratefully accepted the help this stranger offered. She pushed Will’s stroller while I helped Liv in to the appointment. This simple act saved my sanity, my back, and my time. While it probably seemed like a small gesture to her, to me it was a day changer. 

As we left the appointment, Livy decided to serenade the entire waiting room with her rendition of “Snow” from White Christmas (her favorite movie). As I was embarrassingly trying to get her moving to leave, the entire waiting room broke out in applause for her. I was grateful that instead of acting annoyed at a very loud, singing kid, they, in that moment, embraced her enthusiasm. She smiled from ear to ear and giggled her very contagious laugh. They made her afternoon! 

Kindness is important.

Showing someone kindness doesn’t have to mean a big, grand act. It can look like so many things: holding the door for someone, helping a Mom who’s struggling, tipping a little extra, smiling at someone, or even applauding a little kid who’s given an impromptu concert. 

You never know how a simple act of kindness could change someone’s day. 

When has a simple act of kindness changed your day? 

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Erin grew up just outside of Nashville, but has been in the Memphis area for 12 years now. She’s a former middle school language arts teacher turned C.O.O. of the Lewis home (according to her husband). She’s Mama to Liv (2013), who loves to sing and play soccer and Will (2017) who loves dinosaurs, and wife to Chris, her college sweetheart. Between volunteering herself to be part of any and everything you can think of (face palm), driving Liv to zillions of therapies, and keeping Will from destroying everything, life is busy. Erin loves the beach, a good IPA, Target vacas by herself, and anything Harry Potter related (she ships Dramione!). She hates high heels, rude people that stare at cute kids in wheelchairs, and bad tippers.


  1. Thank you for the reminder Erin. Kindness doesn’t have to be isolated to a season of the year, but everyday. Love this.

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