Top 10 Reasons to Come to Bloom


Hey there Memphis Mamas!

We see you!

We see how tired you are.

How even the most mundane task takes all your energy.

This is why you need to come to Bloom tomorrow.

This event is JUST FOR YOU! If you’re still not convinced, here’re ten reasons why you should come to Bloom:

10. The food. Let’s all admit right now that Memphis is a foodie city. We know this! Which is why we’ve created both a savory Cravings Bar and a sweet Cravings Bar. Go ahead and indulge. We won’t tell.

9. Right on the heels of good food comes good drinks. Ladies, let me tell you about our “Momosa Bar.” We’ll be offering both champagne and non-alcholic options of this fun springtime drink. Lots of juice flavors to choose from. Plus other mommy drinks will be on site! And, you’d don’t have to share with anyone!

8. Expert speakers. It’s seems as though every year things change in the baby and kid world. This is why we are thrilled to announce 8 breakout sessions, covering topics from pelvic health to post partum self care to ways to play with your baby. We want you to be the best mom you can be!

7. All-local vendors! Walk through our vendor room and check out 10+ vendors — all offering information and products just for moms! There will be some things for purchase (just for you!), as well as options of what’s happening in our city that you can participate in!

6. Photobooth Fun. Y’all: this one is awesome! Come ham it up in front of one of our professional photographers! Props included!

5. Giveaways. Let’s talk about all the amazing products up for grabs! Each attendee will receive 5 tickets for a chance to WIN BIG at our raffle table. There’re both national products and a variety of local businesses offering some great things! 

4. SWAG. We think every Mama is a winner in our book. So that’s why we’re going to go ahead and give each one of you a bag full of items — right when you walk through the door! Baby cabanas, bottles, breastfeeding gear, food, bath products… and so much more. Swag is valued at over $50.

3. Time to yourself. Yep. We SEE you and want you to know that it’s Okay to spend a morning all about you! Don’t feel guilty leaving those kiddos at home! (If you have a nursling, you are free to bring them in a wrap or stroller!)

2. Uninterrupted conversation. You don’t even know how rare that is until you’re surrounded by adults and it dawns on you that NO ONE has said, “Mommy,” 5 billion times or tried to climb you like a tree. It’s a glorious feeling to actually complete a sentence. Talk on, sweet Mama. Word vomit on everyone!

…. and the top reason you need to come to BLOOM:

#1. because it’s a celebration of Motherhood and YOU ARE AN AMAZING MOM!

So come join us! Sign up for a community group or meet your new mom tribe. The Memphis Moms Blog loves #memphismamas!