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GoSeeExplore High Point Climbing High Point Climbing and Fitness is located at 21 N Humphreys Boulevard, tucked into that space west of Shelby Farms and north of Baptist Hospital, just off Walnut Grove. And once your children know it’s there, they won’t let you drive by it without shouting, “There’s High Point! When can we go back to High Point?”




High Point is a traditional climbing gym; think steep walls with brightly colored “rocks” for grabbing onto and climbing. Participants wear special shoes and harnesses around their waists and thighs and must sign a safety waiver before beginning. First-timers receive a brief training on how to clip into an auto-belay and climb safely.

Experienced climbers typically pair up with a partner to serve as a belay: a person on the floor holding a rope attached to the climber’s harness. Newer climbers and children can hook into an auto-belay, which allows the climber to return safely to the ground without falling.

There are classes for children and adults at all ability and experience levels and even teams to join. The facility also offers a bouldering space (climbing on rock-like structures closer to the ground without harnesses or belays) for scrappier folks and even fitness and yoga classes as well.




There are plenty of activities for the whole family, but the crown jewel of the facility, at least for parents looking for a place for their busy children to burn off some energy, is their kids zone. According to their website, this “4,500 square foot area offers 16 auto belays and a 10 foot tall kid’s boulder.” For the uninitiated, that means that there are 16 different themed(!) walls for kids to climb that have an automatic harness and pulley system, allowing them to safely scurry up the walls like the spider monkeys they are.

two of the themed walls at High Point Climbing

Mom and Dad can climb in this area as well, but there are plenty of non-themed traditional rock walls, including one on the outside of the building. But rest assured that your children will no doubt out climb you, gleefully rappelling down the wall from above.

a traditional climbing wall at High Point Climbing



Day passes and gear rental (harnesses and shoes) are available for the occasional climber, but monthly memberships are a great option for those who like to climb more regularly.

There are also summer camps and special events…hello there, Ladies Nights and bi-monthly Parents Night Out. You can even host your kids’ birthday parties (or even your own!) using the multipurpose room and expertise of the staff.

21 N Humphreys Boulevard Memphis, TN 38120

(901) 203-6122

M/W/F: 6am-10pm
T/Th/Sat: 10am-10pm
Sun: 10am-8pm

Day Rates:
Adults $19 ($25 with gear)
Children 10 & under $17 ($23 with gear)

The next time you’re looking for an activity that is fun for the whole family, especially when it’s too cold or too hot outside (which in Memphis, is basically half the year), you should definitely check out High Point Climbing!

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