Wordle : What your Strategy Says About You


By now, you’ve likely seen the trademark squares, proclaiming some sort of coded language, on your friends’ Facebook. Maybe you’ve given in and are now among the many who tune in for their daily Wordle fix.

wordle sample

This five-word six-try puzzle has taken my friend group by storm. Wordle is beautiful in its simplicity. There’s no app. No ads. One puzzle a day, which is the same for all users, bringing a sort of unity to the monotony of our life.

Recently, I was chatting with some friends about their Wordle technique. One friend always starts with the same word, which employs many common consonants. I, on the other hand, like to enter whatever word comes to my mind first — I lead with my gut. I let the wind take me. For the record, both of us enjoy much Wordle success.

wordle example

It got me thinking — is the Wordle experience a personality test? Can I tell what kind of mom you are by the way you play Wordle?

So, with a lot of humor and good natured fun, I present to you, a motherhood personality analysis based on your Wordle technique.

1) Early Adopter: you have been playing Wordle since nearly the beginning. These people joining at puzzle 200? Bless their hearts. You’ve known the beautiful puzzle truth for some time. You’re likely from Brooklyn, maybe Austin before it was trendy. You wear funky glasses and love irony. Your kids use Bento boxes for their all organic lunch and only wear second-hand clothes to decrease the fast fashion cycle.

2) The Naysayer: you see the squares proudly shared and you think — these kids and their green squares these days. You can’t bother yourself with this nonsense. You probably have five kids, a full time job, and use the same iPhone 6 that they don’t even sell cases for anymore.

3) The Coffee Routine: you settle in before the kids are awake, coffee in hand, to play your daily Wordle first thing in the morning. You love a routine, you have perfected the at-home latte with your Nespresso, and you like your life tidy and orderly.

4) The Late Nighter: your Wordle routine is the last thing you do before bed. It’s after midnight. Your kids have been asleep for hours (on a strict bedtime), you’ve binged “And Just Like That” with your wine, and you’re ready to go.

5) The Strategist: Wheel of Fortune taught you which consonants are most often found in words. You know adieu is great for guessing vowels. You have a strategy and you employ it each time. As a mom, your baby had a strict routine. You never leave the house without a perfectly packed diaper bag. Your kids have names that all begin with the same letter and your hair is always perfectly done.

6) The Fast and Loose: your first word is whatever comes to you in the moment. You don’t take it personally if it takes all six guesses to get your word. It is all fun and games. Mom life is messy and fun – your house has happy chaos, your kids mostly get to school with their shoes, and sometimes it’s breakfast for dinner because you are rolling with what you’ve got.

7) The Oversharer: We all know you play Wordle. You tell us every day when you share it on your Facebook. You also post a picture of your kid every morning, share every detail of your life in your Instagram story, and write for a mom blog.

8) The Clueless: You have no idea what this is even about. You haven’t seen the squares, you are reading this thinking it’s all some sort of foreign language. You do not have Facebook because you don’t like that it takes away from your time with your kids. You rely on your mom friends to update you on the trends and complain a lot about Gen Z cancelling skinny jeans and side parts. You’re still playing Words with Friends.

9) The Competitor: You got it in three squares today but you think you can do it in two if you really try. You run marathons, coach your kid’s soccer team, and count your macros. Your kids have mandatory outside time before they can turn on screens and you use positive reinforcement in your parenting.

So? Which mom are you? And have you played Wordle yet?

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