Fitness Fridays with Brittany {September}


Memphis Moms Blog Fitness Friday Brittany

Want to get healthy? You’ve come to the right place!

Brittany has been a Certified Personal Trainer for two years and a Holistic Nutritionist for six months.  She has helped many people change their lives and discover a newfound love for healthy food, including her husband. She can be found on a daily basis juggling her home life and training clients online and in-person in her private gym.  She would love to help more women reclaim their health, especially those struggling with PCOS and obesity. Over the next six months, Brittany is going to share a workout of the day (WOD), a healthy recipe, debunk a fitness myth, and share a favorite fitness product.

Memphis Moms Blog WOD

WARM Up Repeat Two Times 

25 Jumping Jacks or modified version 
20 High Kicks
15 Shoulder Rolls forward and Back
20 High Knees in place or High Knees Marching

21-15-9 (Timed)

This month’s workout is a circuit designed for you to do with just your body weight and a stop watch/phone. It can be done indoors or outdoors.  You will time yourself for this workout. Write it down so you can track improvements next time you do it.
You’re going to complete each exercise for 3 rounds.  The first round you will complete each exercise for 21 reps. 2nd round each exercise will be done for 15 reps.  Third and final round 6 reps.  Rest as you need to, but keep the clock running.
  1. Jump Squats (Modifications Air Squats/Squat to Box)
  2. Mountain Climbers (Flat or Incline)
  3. Bicycle Crunches (on your back or standing)
Memphis Moms Blog fitness recipe

Birthday Cake Protein Shake

1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 cup unsweet almond milk
2 cups of ice
1/4 tsp vanilla extract 
1/4 tsp butter extract
1/8 tsp almond extract 
1/2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp of Swerve
1 scoop vanilla protein powder 
2 tsp of sprinkles
  1. Blend All ingredients except Protein Powder until smooth.
  2. Add protein powder and blend for about 10-15 seconds.
  3. Add In sprinkles (save a few for the top) and pulse the sprinkles in 3-4 times.
birthday cake protein shake
Memphis Moms Blog fitness myth

“The best exercise to lose belly fat is (insert exercise here).”

The truth is, there is no best exercise to lose belly fat.  Fat loss cannot be targeted.  In order to lose belly fat, you have to lose fat all over your body.  Fat loss occurs when there is a calorie deficit.
With that being said, you can use targeted exercises to strengthen specific areas and help correct imbalances.
Memphis Moms Blog fitness pick
Brittany is a spice FANATIC!  Her grocery list stays the same pretty much every trip.  The way she shakes things up in her kitchen is the way she seasons things.  Flavor God has some of her favorite spices and the ingredients are simple and “clean.”
Flavor Gods