Wine and Weights :: How to Exercise after Baby


(because I’m drinking wine while talking about working out)

I will admit I am lucky to have lost the baby weight without really trying…. if breastfeeding a chunk every 1 1/2 for the first 3 months, pumping every 3 hours for the next 9, and chasing after that milk monster counts as not trying! I know I should knock on wood because I’m sure with the next little one I won’t be as lucky. Anyway, why do I even bother working out if not to lose the baby weight?

Because it’s my sanity, my me time, my stress relief! Don’t get me wrong I’m not a body builder, I don’t run the St Jude Marathon every year (or ever), and I didn’t have a 6 pack immediately after giving birth (again, or ever). I’m not going to lie sometimes I barely squeeze in one workout a week, but at least I’m doing it, right? So how do I manage to get in a sweat session here and there while working full time and caring for my fam?

It’s all about planning ahead and finding what works in my schedule. My husband knows that every Saturday morning I work out at 8am. It’s not even a question. I hand over the baby, put my gym shoes on, and head out the door. 

Classes to Try:

As a breastfeeding mom whose newborn baby was ALWAYS hungry, it was hard to commit to a workout class at a specific time and stick to it. While I was on maternity leave I discovered Pure Barre. They have East Memphis, Germantown, and Collierville locations and each have classes throughout the day! What I liked even better…. the classes are challenging, but do not take an abundance of energy (let’s face it what mom has that?). I would compare it to strength training and yoga mixed together. I went to my first class as soon as my doctor okayed me, when I could not even do one sit-up. My stomach was still a bowl of jelly! The instructors were supportive and everyone is just in the zone, so I didn’t feel judged.  They also offer new mom packages, which are actually pretty affordable!

Another class I discovered while on maternity leave was CycleBar (Germantown). Like Pure Barre, they have classes throughout the day. CycleBar is way more motivating than other cycle classes because they track all of your stats (speed, calorie burn, miles) and give you your ranking at the end of class. I am absolutely awful and always finish in last. But who cares! The lights are out, the music is up, and it’s a cardio party! Literally! They even had jello shots after class one day!   CHEERS!

When I can’t squeeze in one of these classes, or if I’d rather hangout with little my munchkin, we go on walks. All the walks! If the weather is nice we are walking! I’m lucky because we can walk to Sea Isle Park, but there are so many options in Memphis. Downtown by the river, the Greenline, Shelby Farms, and so many more! I always feel energized after a walk, and Max loves yelling at our neighbors from his stroller.

From about January- April it rained literally every day, so I have a membership at ATC Fitness. That way, I can get in a short run or walk on the treadmill every now and then. They are in several locations, 24 hours, and only $15 a month. Super convenient for a quick workout! I remember a year ago I would feed my milk monster, go to ATC for a 20 minute run, get home, and barely get out of the shower before it was time to feed again. Ohhh the struggle!

There are so many more workouts I’d love to get the chance to try! One of them is Stroller Strides where you take your baby (and obviously stroller) and workout. Memphis Moms Blog is hosting a Stroller Strides Brunch and Burn event next month! It’s Monday, August 23, at 9:30 a.m. I hope I get to go and meet some new mom friends!

Hope this is a little bit of motivation to get some you time in! If anyone ever wants to meet up for a workout, count me in!

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Michelle moved to Memphis to attend the U of M, and graduated with a degree in hotel management and hospitality. That passion for hospitality and all things Memphis led her to her position as a sales manager for a downtown hotel.  Michelle met her fiancé on Cinco De Mayo 9 years ago, and they will be (finally) getting married in Mexico this May (2018).  However, the best thing to happen to them in the month of May was the birth of their baby boy in 2017.  Their now one year old is a ball of silly, happy energy, and they love chasing him around!  Michelle also loves squeezing in time for group fitness classes, pinteresting, meal prepping, and enjoying cold beverages with friends.


    • Thank you! These pics are from almost a year ago. He was so little and chunky at the same time… how does time go so fast?? ?

  1. I have struggled with how to work out now that I have a baby, and I guess my burning question is not how to actually work out (as in what exercises to do) as much as how to get the opportunity to work out. Like, how to get 45 minutes straight (ideally more) of time when the baby is not in my sole care. I can’t really believe this is an actual struggle for me because (a) I am currently a SAHM; (b) I have a fairly decent home gym in my basement, which I set up in my pre-pregnancy life; and (c) before becoming a mom, I was kind of a gym rat (esp weight training and running). I feel like every time I try to work out during his nap time I get interrupted mid-run or mid-set and I end up totally frustrated. I don’t have any family around and my husband is not willing to “babysit” because now that I’m not working I’m supposed to be handling all of the baby care. I guess my question is…what do you do with the baby during all these classes and things? Is there childcare at the gym? Do you just drop him off somewhere? I’m a little ashamed to admit that my son is 18 months old now and, while I know HOW to work out, I STILL haven’t figured out how to work a workout in.

  2. Hey Paige! I understand the struggle, Im a working mom but my husband goes to work wayy before I do in the am, so I wake up before baby does to get ready. Could you wake up before your baby does to work out in your home gym? You could also run with him/her in the stroller, take a stroller strides class, join zen fitness ( they have child care), or the most affordable option would be the ymca (they have classes and childcare!) Honestly on weekends I only have one true workout. My husband knows that hr is mine. Could you talk to your husband about this to get one hr of you time? Also is your husband at home at nigh after baby goes to bed? You could go to the gym then! Sorry this is so long!

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