Local Memphis Artists We Love


Memphis is just the best, am I right? The best food, the best music, the best family stuff, and the best artists. Seriously, whether they are born and raised or a recent transplant, Memphis artists are AMAZING. Here, in no particular order, are some of the local artists that we all swoon over.

(Click the names to take you their Instagram, if they have one, and the photo to take you to their website.)

Bonus: For the next four Mondays, 4 of these artists will be taking over the Memphis Mom Collective Instagram stories for a new takeover series, Memphis Artist Mondays. Make sure you’re following us!

1. Hillary Butler Fine Art

Memphis artists

2. Rachel Rieves Art

3. Shelley Bolton Art

Memphis artists

4. Shelby Monteverde Art

Memphis artists

5. Ebony Bradley-Boyd Art

6. Dorothy Art

Memphis artists

7. Erika Roberts Studio

Memphis artists

8. Carol Buchman9. Allison Webb ArtMemphis artists10. Meghean WarnerMemphis artists

11. Jess Humphries

12. Candice BoatrightMemphis artists

13. Whitney WinklerMemphis artists

14. Lexi Perkins

15. Heather HowleMemphis artists

16. Frances BerryMemphis artists

17. Sheley TarasMemphis artists

18. Bess Farris Art

19. Carl E. MooreMemphis artists

20. Paul Edelstein

21. Mel PyronMemphis artists

22. Maggie RussellMemphis artists

23. Morgan HarringtonMemphis artists

24. Heidi Walter

25. Marcy StagnerMemphis artists

26. Deanna Hamsley

Deanna artist

27. Grace Porter

grace artists

Bonus: Cara SieversCara Memphis artists

Did we leave anyone off? Let us know in the comments!


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