Local Memphis Artists We Love


Memphis is just the best, right? The best food, the best music, the best family stuff, and the best artists. Seriously, whether they are born and raised or a recent transplant, Memphis artists are AMAZING. Here, in no particular order, are some of the local artists that we all swoon over.

**This guide includes visual artists, particularly painters and illustrators, using a variety of media, including acrylic, oil, mixed media, etc. We know that this list is not exhaustive and there are MANY other amazing artists living and making art in Memphis. But this list is a good place to start getting to know some amazing creatives!

(Click on the names to take you their Instagram and the photo to take you to their website, if they have either.)

Hillary Butler Fine Art

Memphis artists

Mia Saine

Rachel Rieves Art

Jamea Richmond-Edwards

Jamea Richmond-Edwards

Memphis artists

Shelby Monteverde Art

Memphis artists

Ebony Bradley-Boyd Art

Dorothy Art

Memphis artists

Erika Roberts Studio

Memphis artists

Carol Buchman

Allison Webb ArtMemphis artists

Amber Ahmad

Meghean WarnerMemphis artists

Jess Humphries

Kiara Sally

Candice BoatrightMemphis artists

Whitney WinklerMemphis artists

Lexi Perkins

Alexis Miché

Heather HowleMemphis artists

Jordan Marble

Frances BerryMemphis artists

Sheley TarasMemphis artists

Brittney Boyd Bullock

Bess Farris Art

Carl E. MooreMemphis artists

Paul Edelstein

Mel PyronMemphis artists

Maggie RussellMemphis artists


Morgan HarringtonMemphis artists

Heidi Walter

Marcy StagnerMemphis artists

Deanna Hamsley

Deanna artist

Grace Porter

grace artist

Cara Sievers

Cara Memphis artists

Evelina Dillion


Toonky Berry

Rachelle Cooper

Jamond Bullock

Devin Culpepper

Shelby Wimberly

shelby wimberly art

Jess Tinsley

jess tinsley painting

We are SURE that we left some amazing artists off this list. Please let us, and the rest of our readers, know who your favorites are in the comments!



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