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Did you know moms run on coffee? It’s true. Even if you never liked coffee before becoming a parent — once you experience your first sleepless night with a crying newborn, you quickly realize just how amazing that first morning cup really is. Caffeine is life. And here at Memphis Mom Co, we’ve decided to go ahead and gift you a list of all the delicious, life-giving locations of area Memphis coffee shops — all the way from the ones downtown to out in the ‘burbs. It’s ok. You can thank us later. After you decide you can’t possibly reheat yet another cold cup of coffee and maybe, just maybe, the toddler will fall asleep if you take a reaaaallly long car ride. I mean, you deserve that afternoon latte. YOU REALLY DO.

Local Coffee Shops


Killer Coffee Memphis

Mobile Coffee Cart / Pop up coffee shop

Killer Coffee is the newest on the coffee scene in the city and their coffee really is to die for (pun totally intended). They’re currently considered a mobile coffee cart, located out of 1296 Peabody Ave, but word on the street is a permanent location is coming soon! You can contact them at to book them at your next event or party!
killer coffee

Belltower Coffeehouse

525 S Highland St. (U of M district), Memphis

Belltower was nominated in 2018 as one of Memphis Mom Co’s “Favorite Things.” Founded and operated by two college guys, Belltower Coffeehouse (formerly Belltower Artisans) is only a few blocks from the University of Memphis campus. Combining their love of coffee and pottery, Belltower recently expanded & doubled in space! Now offering a full menu of hot food, there’s even more reason to pull up a chair (handmade by the owners of course!), boot up your laptop, and stay awhile.


Memphis Chess Club

195 Madison Avenue, downtown Memphis

Do you drink coffee to live, or live to drink coffee? This is the question posed on their Instagram account a few weeks ago.

Either way, they are there to help. The cafe is ready to meet your caffeine and food needs. Stop by and try their handcrafted espresso drinks, delicious pizzas, sandwiches, pastries and more! Oh, and it should be obvious — you need to head over asap to play some chess! They even offer yearly coaching memberships. This place is super kid friendly all the time.


Crazy Gander Coffee Company

150 Madison Avenue, downtown Memphis

Previously a bank in the early 1900’s, this coffee shop has had major renovations done and is now crazy gorgeous! Inside you’ll find a 17-foot-tall map that covers the wall. The map is a hand drawn/traced rendering of the original map produced by P.F. Collier and Sons in 1911. Besides the historic (yet trendy!) vibe this place gives off, it also serves up a great cup of coffee. The to-go cups are quite cute, but we guarantee you’ll want to sit and enjoy the place. Crazy Gander Coffee Co also serves locally owned Butteriffic Bakery baked goods. Double crazy good.


Team Car Cafe

8100 Macon Station Ste 101, Cordova

Know what happens when 3 local entrepreneurs put their passions together?  Pure Genius. Team Car Cafe is the newest coffee shop in Cordova, nestled inside locally owned bike store, Latting Speed Shop. Using only locally roasted Ethnos Coffee Roasters, the custom drinks (we suggest trying their signature honey gold latte) are perfect. AND THEN IT GETS EVEN BETTER. They’ve also partnered the El Mero Taco, serving up some of the best tacos in Memphis right there inside the coffee shop. Coffee, Tacos, Bikes. Amazing community.


Ancient Grounds Coffee Shop

Inside Memphis Zoo, midtown Memphis

While mamas love the zoo, we certainly get tired. Cue the newest food addition to the zoo’s offerings: Ancient Grounds Coffee Shop. Serving up a full espresso bar, brewed coffee either iced or hot, fresh made smoothies and fruit juices, there’s something for everyone. There’s also a limited food menu offering artisan sandwiches, hot breakfast items, and grab n’ go salads and granola yogurt parfaits. Mom Tip: the cafe doesn’t offer lids or straws, so if you want either for your drink, we recommend bringing a travel cup. 


Cozy Cafe Memphis

permanent food truck nestled next to the entrance to BAM Thrift Store, 1340 Madison Avenue

A ministry of Teen Challenge and the BAM Thrift Store, Cozy Cafe is an outside patio café with coffee and refreshments right in Midtown. Adult & Teen Challenge of Memphis is a faith based, Christ centered program for men with life controlling issues such as alcohol and drugs. The coffee truck is run by the men, giving them employment, accountability and responsibility. The revenue goes straight back into the program. The coffee truck offers a full espresso bar of options AND also serves up some amazing GIANT snoballs! Moms and kids have a WIN WIN.


Comeback Coffee

358 N Main, downtown Memphis

There’s something special about Comeback Coffee. We’re not sure if it’s the owners (who are awesome), or the delicious food menu, or the love that goes into their artisan coffee making. Maybe it’s their original (and famous) coffee sodas. Or maybe it’s the amazingly beautiful renovated historic building they’re in. Whatever the reason, it’ll have you come back again and again.


Muggin Coffeehouse

1139 Brownlee Road, Memphis

Whitehaven has entered the coffee song, y’all! This local coffeeshop is vibrant and fun place to hang out, connect with neighbors, or just go to recharge. They even have awesome merch for sale, like their Muggin hats, Muggin ground coffee, Stainless Steel travel mugs, original mugs, and t-shirts! Go get your mug on!


Inspire Community Cafe

510 Tillman Street, Memphis

Love for people comes first at Inspire Community Cafe. They are a locally owned business that prioritizes people over profits, and we are here for that! The cafe pays a living wage and strives to provide as many full-time employment opportunities as possible. They offer profit-sharing opportunities — building a community within their staff that trickles down to their daily customers — truly helping all of us to be the best humans we can be. We’ll drink to that.


Levee Coffee & Creamery

2059 S Houston Levee Road, Collierville

You know what goes hand in hand with coffee? We know you were going to say cream, but what you really mean to say is ice cream. Yep. You heard us right. Ice cream. The Levee Coffee & Creamery is the best of both worlds — genuine, homemade ice cream and a huge selection of artisan coffees. You can get both items to go too! AND if you really want, they’ll pour coffee OVER your ice cream. Ah-mazing.


JoJo’s Espresso Food Truck

truckin’ all over Germantown

JoJo’s Espresso is the new mobile coffee shop that recently launched this past June in the Germantown area. The local owners always had a “hobby” of loving coffee, but decided to create Memphis’ first coffee chop on wheels. They explored roasting their own beans, but decided to partner with Memphis roaster Vice & Virtue Coffee instead. The mobile café serves drip coffee, espresso drinks, cold brew coffee as well as an assortment of freshly baked pastries.


Social Cup Coffee House & Co.

875 West Poplar Avenue, Collierville

Social Cup Coffee House started with a simple idea: deliver great coffee to great people. And we think the’ve accomplished the mission. Offering crazy delicious food (like lobster rolls!), they really want you to enjoy your stay. In fact, they encourage people to get cozy. To come relax. To grab a moment for yourself. Because as their tagline states, “our house is your house!” We like it.

Carrington Oaks Coffeehouse

914 Carrington Oak Lane, Collierville

Recently opening this past August, the Carrington Oaks Coffeehouse is the newest coffeeshop on the scene. They serve up their very own J.Brooks in-house special blend, smoothies, and sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They even have the cutest patio with green umbrella tables — the perfect place to relax and slow down.


Bluff City Coffee

505 S Main Street, downtown Memphis

945 S Cooper, midtown Memphis

Bluff City Coffee has two locations! The first, and original, is located down on S. Main Street, which is just a super fun and great place to go. Watch the trolley go by, or jump on for a ride! The second and newer location is in the heart of CY. Right at the intersection, you’ll find Bluff City Coffee Midtown offering a larger menu selection, daily soups and sweet treats, and lots of outdoor and indoor seating. Plus there’s a parking lot for easy access. The extra large bathrooms are perfect for navigating wheelchairs or strollers.

Bluff City Coffee Memphis

Cafe Eclectic

603 N McLean Blvd, Memphis

110 Harbor Town Square, Memphis 

Café Eclectic opened its doors in 2008 as a small neighborhood coffee shop and breakfast cafe. A constantly evolving dream of her owner, Cathy Boulden, Eclectic has expanded and grown with her community. In 2009 Eclectic added their own bread bakery, expanding on the desire for “from scratch everything.” In 2010 it expanded into the family-friendly walking community of Harbortown on Mud Island with Little Cafe Eclectic, creating an artisan coffee and local-eats meeting hub. It’s also the only coffee shops in Memphis to serve Illy Coffee!


Cafe Keough

12 South Main Street, Memphis

In the afternoon around three, as the low sun floats in, Café Keough takes on a soft glow. At this time of day, jazz wafts from the speakers, jiving with the light tap dance of the law school laptops. Soon enough a banker ambles around the corner for a chat. The newspaper publisher comes in to hash out river city politics. And then the lawyers – can’t seem to get away from them. The Brazilian interpreter says this place is Buenos Aries. The Parisians say it’s Paris. The Germans say it’s Vienna, and we just smile and say welcome to Memphis.

Cafe Keough Memphis Coffee


9123 Pigeon Roost Road, Olive Branch, MS

While technically NOT Memphis, Pinks is worth the fairly short drive to head over into Mississippi. Located just over the border, this quaint coffeeshop is going to be a different experience than just your normal chain coffee place. Offering delicious food in addition to the coffee options, according to locals, “Pinks is a treasure we’re so lucky to have in Olive Branch!”

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City & State

2625 Broad Ave, Memphis

Yah, Coffee! That’s the mural painted on the backside of the building and the first thing you see when you’re driving down the parkway! A landmark in the Memphis coffee world, City and State is a local favorite. Inside you’ll find a long table with shared seating, encouraging patrons to mingle and talk. Outside, you’ll find their famous-ish courtyard with vintage patio furniture and lots of shade. Food wise there’s some bakery-type offerings, but people don’t come to City and State for the food. They come for the amazingly delicious coffee. Serving only 1 size, they take great pride in creating the perfect pour. Plus, there’s a HUGE gift store attached, which is really neat to shop in.

French Truck

1350 Concourse Ave. (inside Crosstown Concourse), Memphis

395 S. Highland St. (U of M district), Memphis

French Truck was nominated as one of the Memphis Mom Collective’s “2019 Favorite Things.” And man, the status of favorite hasn’t changed. They recently opened a second location on S. Highland St, blocks away from the U of M. In addition to the indoor seating, there’s a large, fenced in patio.

French Truck literally buys the best beans they can find, roasts them in small batches, then puts the roast date right on the bag so you know exactly how fresh it is. Both locations also have a full service breakfast/lunch menu, serving up some tasty food, such as their avocado toast or grain bowl. Bring Fido along, too. Both locations are pooch friendly.

French Truck Coffee Memphis

Low Fi Coffee

387 S Main, downtown Memphis

(adjective): creatively and independently made with a focus on substance rather than means. Origin 1950s: English, used to describe music that was recorded and produced with basic equipment, thus having a raw sound.

Huh. After visiting Low Fi’s website, it was plain to see why they had that description posted — they simply believe in the best quality, zero sweeteners, small batch coffee. After moving to Memphis on a whim, barista husband and wife duo, opened Low Fi in 2017 after falling in love with our city. And now in full circle, we’ve fallen in love with their coffeeshop.

Memphis Low Fi coffee


641 S Cooper Street, midtown Memphis

Otherlands Coffee Bar isn’t your typical coffee shop vibe. Boasting mix-match furniture, tables, and chairs, the scene is different every time you visit. Offering a patio outside, or multiple rooms insides, there’s a special seat for everyone. Their artisan coffee bar is top notch, as are their cheesy grits and yummy bakery offerings. It’s not the kid-friendliest of places, but then again, every mama needs an oasis to escape to.

The Hub

6000 Briarcrest Avenue (inside Highpoint Church), E Memphis

Don’t be intimidated to visit The Hub (even though it’s technically inside a church) — this coffeeshop offers some of the best coffee in town. Almost a best-kept secret, you’ll find locals sharing space or hanging out like they’re at home with friends. Which is exactly the vibe The Hub is going for — for you to experience the “living room of Memphis!” There’s also a large private conference room available to reserve for corporate meetings or private gatherings.

Ugly Mug Coffee

4610 Poplar Avenue, Memphis

Ugly Mug Coffee is pretty much an institution in Memphis. It’s insanely good coffee. They not only serve good coffee, they also roast the coffee themselves. Offering more than 5 flavors of ground or whole bean coffee, you can buy at any local grocery store (Kroger, Whole Foods, specialty markets, etc.) OR you can buy directly at the coffee shop and save $1 on each bag! PLUS — every mom knows the best thing (besides the Buttermoon flavoring) about Ugly Mug is the fact that they have a drive thru. A DRIVE THRU Y’ALL. You’re welcome.


Vice & Virtue Coffee

477 S Main (inside Arrive Hotel), downtown Memphis

Nominated as one of Memphis Mom Collective’s 2018 “Favorite Things,” Vice and Virtue Coffee has quickly become one of the city’s favorite things, too. Originally “just” a local coffee roaster down in the Broad Avenue arts district, Vice & Virtue recently expanded to an actual coffeeshop inside Memphis’ newest boutique hotel, Arrive. Sharing space with sourdough bakery Hustle and Dough, it’s a must-stop place when visiting downtown.


The Voodoo Cafe

2780 Bartlett Boulevard, Bartlett

The only family-owned coffee shop in Bartlett, The Voodoo Cafe dishes up scrumptious beignets & international coffees — with a Voodoo twist. Voodoo doll shaped dough is fried and then topped with powdered sugar. They specialize in international brewed coffees, including Iced Vietnamese coffee, Cafe Cubano, and Turkish. Voodoo also carries various canned iced coffees from all over the world.

+ they have a FOOD TRUCK!

Voodoo Coffee Memphis

Coffee Central

5627 Getwell Rd, Southaven, MS

2438 Highway 51 S, Hernando, MS

Where coffee and community meet, this gem is right over in Mississippi. Offering drip coffee, espresso, smoothies, acai bowls, and artisan toasts, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone — which is the point when trying to foster a sense of small town pride. Coffee Central also has space for live performers and supports community musicians!

Coffee Central Memphis Southaven

Crave Coffee Bar & Bistro

11615 Highway 70, Arlington

Do you crave delicious coffee? Do you crave good food? Do you crave a place to connect with other people and laugh until you cry? We know the good people at Crave Coffee Bar & Bistro feel this way, too. Which is why they opened up in Arlington! Not far from the main square, you’ll find this quaint, locally owned business. Get a cookie, too. You’ll thank us later!


Square Beans

103 North Center Street, Collierville

Square Beans Coffee is Collierville’s hidden gem, located on the west side of the historic town square. Square Beans has LOTS of delicious food and drinks and Gelato. A perfect place to meet that weirdo friend who doesn’t like coffee. Plus, they sell locally pottery and other goods. We love supporting businesses who in return are supporting local artists!

Square Beans Coffee Memphis Collierville

Java Cafe

3133 Forest Hill Irene Rd, Germantown

Java Cafe is a sweet little spot in Germantown if we do say so! They offer a great breakfast and lunch menu in addition to the coffee selection. Java Cafe has outdoor seating, making it extra kid-friendly. Delivery and take-out options available as well. Say what? Score!

coffee guide

Society Skatepark & Coffee

583 Scott Street, Memphis

You wouldn’t think skateboarding and coffee would go hand in hand, but it totally does! We just don’t recommend actually holding hot coffee in your hand while you’re skateboarding. That’s just silly.

Local Coffee Roasters


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