Pumpkin Spice, You’ve Gone Too Far


It’s 100 degrees outside, but according to Starbucks, it’s already PSL season. And while I am personally not a fan of PSL, I get them. I also understand pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin in recipes. But these days, you can find pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, and it’s just gone too far.

I reached out to my favorite crowd sourcing app, Facebook, and had people send me the weirdest pumpkin things they had seen. And man, the people did not disappoint. I’m going to break this list down into two categories: food items and non food items. And then let you decide…

Has the pumpkin craze gone too far?

Food Items:

  1. Ok, I kinda get this one. Might be ok on a bagel. But I’m easing you into the insanity of this list. You’ve been warned…

pumpkin spice cream cheese

2. Oreos. This is unnecessary.


3. Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid? Why?

pumpkin spice Kool-Aid

4. Twinkies. Twinkies are already gross. Why go and make them even worse?


5. Pop Tarts. Honestly, most flavors of Pop Tarts are gross, so why not this?

pumpkin spice pop tarts

6. Ravioli. I MIGHT be ok with regular pumpkin ravioli, but pumpkin SPICE? No…


7. Protein bars. These might be ok. Maybe.

pumpkin protein bar

8. Chips. What are you supposed to eat these with??

pumpkin chips

9. Gum. Yep. Gum.

pumpkin spice gum

10. Hummus. Several companies make this. I just don’t get it.

pumpkin spice hummus

11. Macaroni and cheese. Another one I could maybe understand if it was just pumpkin, but who wants a cinammon-y mac and cheese? Who?

pumpkin spice mac and cheese

12. Cereal

pumpkin spice cheerios

13. Marshmallows. Once again, why?

pumpkin spiced marshmallows

14. Ok. I saved the worst two for last. SPAM. Why???


15. Sushi. Pumpkin sushi. Seriously. It’s gone too far!

pumpkin sushi


Non-Food Items

  1. Chapstick. It’s too much. I don’t want to be breathing in that scent.


2. A pedicure kit. There are facials too, but I couldn’t find a picture.

3. Cleaning products. I can maybe get behind these for the fall.

pumpkin spice cleaning prodcuts

4. Lip color. Nothing says fall like pumpkin spice lipstick.

lip color

5. Dog treats. Even the dogs get their pumpkin spice fix.

dog treats

6. Once again, I’ve saved the best for last. Lube. WHY??

pumpkin spice lube

7. And condoms. Because…




These just made me laugh.


pumpkin spice masks

Covid-19 Vaccine

pumpkin spice vaccine

And this one may be real… But still funny.

communion wafers

So what’s the verdict? Has the pumpkin spice craze gone too far? Or do you still want more?

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