901>615 :: It’s Math


It’s 901 day here in Memphis, and to celebrate, we’ve come up with 10 ways we’re *ahem* greater than Nashville.

Memphis is greater than Nashville
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(Disclaimer: All you Nashville natives, don’t get your panties all in a twist. We love our rival city to the east. BUT — it’s 901 day, and as Memphians, we’re permitted a little city pride!)

1. The Memphis Zoo

If y’all didn’t know, we have the number two zoo in the country! Plus the zoo has a sense of humor! Upon arrival, it feels like you’ve arrived in Memphis, Egypt. Get it? (Side note, if you actually didn’t know this, it’s also why we have a humongous pyramid down by the river.)

2. Our drinking water

I know, I know, who cares. Ummmm, every Memphian? Ever? Our water is the best in the nation and if you’re not in Memphis you can definitely tell. Our water is de-licous. Which brings me to number 3…

3. Our local beer scene

Move over Yazoo, your beer can’t compare to our local brews. We have Crosstown Brewing, Wiseacre, Ghost River, Bosco’s, Meddlesome, High Cotton, and Memphis Made. All the beers taste even better because they’re made from that ah-mazing water previously mentioned. And you can buy them in the grocery stores. And the convenience stores. And gas stations. And almost every restaurant. And at beer gardens (we have 3!). And at major sporting events.

4. The Grizzlies

Yeah, yeah. We know you have the Titans and the Predators. But let’s chat about those teams a minute. The Titans are terrible (this is coming from a Steeler’s fan). And let’s be honest: hockey? It’s really a northern sport. Sorry, TN. So in this case, city vs. city, Pro Basketball > your other two sports. 1> -2. See, there’s that math again.

5. Shelby Farms Park

We are so lucky to be able to claim this amazing park. It’s one of the top 10 largest urban parks in the United States. It’s 4,500 acres with a bison herd. In the middle of Memphis. It has hiking, biking, water sports, horse stables, waterfront dining, and one of the coolest kids’ playground in the city. The list goes on & on. Nashville, gotta step up your park game. Yikes.

6. BBQ

Your claim to fame might be hot chicken (I see you, Hattie B’s) but we have BBQ. Everywhere. On every corner we have an amazing BBQ option that beats out your chicken any day. Plus — we have Gus’s. And that chicken will rival your chicken any day. Aaaaannnd….well, we actually have a Hattie B’s in town now. So we don’t even need to drive 3 hours to eat it anymore. We can call Uber Eats if we really wanted some hot chicken. Which we don’t.

7. Music City?

Yeah, yeah, you honky tonk town. We know you’re the king of country and everyone flocks to you, trying to be discovered. But that’s all you have: country. We, on the other hand, are the home several legendary musical genres: blues and the ever American, Rock ‘n Roll. And so many amazing musicians, from jazz greats to Elvis to Aretha Franklin called Memphis home at some point in their lives. Interstate 40 heading into Memphis is called the “Music Highway” for a reason.

8. We also claim Justin Timberlake.

9. The Mighty Mississippi.

Even our river is bigger.


+1. IKEA.
enough said.